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it will be mandatory to install electric vehicle chargers in existing apartments, not new ones. Although the number of electric vehicles is increasing, the charging facilities are insufficient, so the related laws were revised, but conflicts are expected in the implementation process.

Correspondent Han Sang-woo.


The biggest complaint of electric vehicle drivers is the lack of charging facilities.

[Jeong Seong-soo/Electric car driver: KEPCO does it the most, and then there are some broken things in the case of the district office and the district office, and there are some broken ones in the case of KEPCO as well… .] The

number of electric vehicles in Korea has increased rapidly to 160,000, and the number of chargers nationwide is about 66,000 in total.

Even this is mostly concentrated in public facilities or highway rest areas, and the penetration rate of residential chargers is only 25%, far behind developed countries.

Accordingly, the government amended the law so that the obligation to install an electric charger, which was required only for new apartments built after 2016, applies to existing apartments as well.

In addition, it is mandatory to open charging facilities such as government agencies, local governments, and community centers to the extent that security is not compromised so that even residents of tenement and multi-family housing, which are not subject to the mandatory installation of electric vehicle chargers, can easily charge them.

The amendment bill will be promulgated this month and will take effect 6 months later.

However, internal combustion engine vehicle users are likely to experience severe parking difficulties due to the increased installation of chargers, so conflicts among residents are also expected.

This is because crackdowns on ordinary vehicles illegally parked in places where chargers are installed are strengthened.

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Support for charging industries and small charger developed It is also pointed out that it should be done concurrently.

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