A few days ago, we told you about the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae, the very last limited edition of the model before its retirement and, we had hastily deduced, final farewell to the atmospheric V12.

In reality, this is just the farewell of the V12… of the Aventador.

Stefan Winkelman, the boss of Lamborghini, has indeed just confirmed it: the replacement for the Aventador will also receive a brand new atmospheric V12, whose development is well advanced.

Never, never, says Winkelman, it was not considered to graft the least turbo.

The only concession to the age of time: like the Aventador, its replacement will have 4-wheel drive, and the front wheels will no longer be driven by the V12, but one or more electric motor (s).

V12 + electricity, the recipe had already been explored with the very exclusive Sian.

We do not know when the new Lambo and its V12 will arrive, but we already know that the manufacturer is setting itself up as guardian of the temple.

For how much longer ?


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