China News Service, Fuzhou, July 20 (Reporter Yan Xu) The People's Government of Fujian Province disclosed on the 20th that it will improve the overall strength of offshore fisheries, optimize the industrial layout, improve the level of equipment, accelerate the construction of bases, build the entire industrial chain, and build talent training. Specific policies and measures in eight aspects, including the system, optimizing service mechanisms, and strengthening standardized management, will expand and strengthen the offshore fishery industry.

  In recent years, Fujian Province has successively introduced the “six measures” and “five measures” to accelerate the development of deep-sea fisheries, and the “Opinions on Further Accelerating the Construction of a Strong Marine Province”, etc., establishing a relatively complete industrial policy support system.

  At present, Fujian's comprehensive strength of offshore fisheries ranks among the top in the country.

As of the end of 2020, there are 28 deep-sea fishery enterprises and 605 deep-sea fishing vessels in the province, ranking third in the country; the annual fishing output ranks first in the country; 9 comprehensive offshore fishery bases have been established overseas.

  Relevant experts said that the current development of offshore fisheries in Fujian Province is facing new challenges, including the increasing tightening of regional fisheries organization management measures, intensified international industrial competition, increased risks of bilateral fishery cooperation, increasing inter-provincial competition, imperfect industrial chain, Issues such as insufficient input of production factors and the lack of agglomeration of platforms.

  The "Notice on Eight Measures to Promote the High-Quality Development of Pelagic Fisheries" published by Fujian Province on the 20th puts forward the goal of promoting the high-quality development of offshore fisheries: By 2023, the scale of offshore fisheries will be further expanded, with a total of 650 fishing vessels and an annual output More than 600,000 tons, and the proportion of self-caught aquatic products shipped back to China is more than 65%; cultivate more than 15 competitive offshore fishery enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

  For newly-added transoceanic and oceanic fishing vessels (excluding transition fishing vessels) approved by the state, offshore fishing companies that comply with the relevant national policies and regulations purchase foreign large-scale tuna purse seine vessels that have fishing quotas and are less than 10 years old. The ultra-low temperature longline fishing boat is an enterprise that has been approved by the state to fill the gaps in the offshore fishery project (fishing ground) in Fujian Province, and the provincial finance will give corresponding rewards and supplements.

  The Fuzhou (Lianjiang) National Offshore Fishery Base is currently making every effort to promote the construction of Shugang Road in the core area and the residential supporting areas in the base. Since the beginning of this year, an additional investment of 160 million yuan has been invested.

This is China's third national-level offshore fishery base. After it is completed and put into use, the annual throughput is estimated to be 600,000 tons. It will effectively solve the problems of difficult landing and loading and unloading of offshore fisheries in Fujian Province, and achieve new breakthroughs in the output and output value of offshore fisheries.

  The "Eight Measures" propose to build an industrial cluster and support platform with distinctive industrial characteristics, complete supporting services, high concentration of elements, strong radiation driving, and significant market effect, with the construction of the base as the core.

Support offshore fishery companies to plan and build overseas fishery comprehensive bases along the "Belt and Road" and key offshore fisheries cooperation countries, and provide services such as material replenishment, ship repairs, reloading of fisheries, crew training, and personnel transfers.

  Qiu Zhangquan, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Oceans and Fisheries, said that the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Oceans and Fisheries will encourage companies to open up new fishing grounds, upgrade new fishing vessels, and upgrade the equipment level of ocean fishing vessels.

At the same time, enterprises are encouraged to introduce the Beidou satellite navigation system to improve the performance of ocean fishing vessels, supervision efficiency and green production capacity, and form a modern ocean fishery industry system with standardized management, production safety, optimized layout, and complete systems.