China News Service, Beijing, July 20 (Reporter Chen Su). According to a news from China's Ministry of Water Resources on the 20th, due to heavy rainfall, many rivers in Henan have exceeded the alarm level, and some rivers have experienced floods exceeding historical levels.

  Recently, Henan has experienced continuous heavy rainfall. From 8 am on the 19th to 20 am on the 20th, the cumulative average rainfall in Henan Province was 88 mm, including 361 mm in Zhengzhou, 188 mm in Jiaozuo, 187 mm in Xuchang, 162 mm in Pingdingshan, and 161 mm in Xinxiang.

  Affected by heavy rainfall, the Yihe River, a tributary of the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the Communism Canal and Weihe River, a tributary of the Zhangweinan Canal in the south of the Haihe River, and the Jialu River, a tributary of the upper reaches of the Shaying River in the middle reaches of the Huaihe River, have exceeded alarms. The upstream tributary of the Changzhuang Reservoir of the Jiayu River at 19:10 on the 20th had a maximum water level of 131.31 meters, which was 0.03 meters below the design water level (131.34 meters). The maximum outflow flow was 525 cubic meters per second, and the reservoir water level was 130.93 meters at 20:20. It is 0.38 meters lower than the highest water level.

Zhengzhou Changzhuang Reservoir (medium-sized) has a piping hazard. Through all-out rescue efforts, the water level of the reservoir has begun to drop, and the danger has been initially controlled.

  The Meteorological Department predicts that in the next three days, there will be heavy rains in parts of northwestern Henan.

Affected by this, the Yiluo River and Qin River in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the Zhangweinan Canal in the Haihe River Basin, and the Hongru River and Shaying River in the Huaihe River Basin will experience significant water increases. The Huayuankou section of the middle reaches of the Yellow River may experience numbered floods and heavy rains. Some small and medium-sized rivers in the area may have floods above the warning level.