Yesterday, the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology held a press conference to announce that the 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference will be held in Beijing from August 2nd to 3rd.

The conference will create a new platform for international cooperation and exchanges that will lead the development of the global digital economy. Through an opening ceremony and main forum, three special events and more than 20 parallel forums, it will present an academic value, technological value and industrial value. A colorful international event.

  Will release the global digital economy benchmark city implementation plan

  Wang Lei, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, introduced that the 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference is co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Government and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Internet Information Office. The theme is " Innovation leads data-driven-building a global digital economy benchmark city", will focus on the development trend of the digital economy and the significant impact of digital transformation on various fields, highlighting international perspectives, cutting-edge technologies, and extensive participation, and actively promote interdisciplinary and cross-border Industry, cross-regional global digital economy exchanges and cooperation.

  Wang Lei introduced the preparation of the "Beijing City's Implementation Plan on Accelerating the Construction of a Global Digital Economy Benchmark City" to be released at the main forum.

The "Implementation Plan" highlights the four major work priorities of "digital" drive, "global" competition, "benchmarking" leadership, and "city" incubation, and builds Beijing into a demonstration highland for urban digital intelligent transformation leading the development of the global digital economy, and the allocation of international data elements Hub highland, emerging digital industry incubation leading highland, global digital technology innovation source highland, digital governance China solution service highland, digital economy open highland for foreign cooperation.

  The main forum of the conference will set up an "interactive and experiential" boutique exhibition to focus on displaying the latest achievements of the digital economy in technological innovation, integrated applications, and urban governance.

  Set up Chaoyang, Haidian, Daxing, Lhasa "one main three points" venues

  It is understood that the conference will set up a "one main and three points" venue, and more than 20 parallel forums will be held during the same period.

  The main venue of Chaoyang District will take the international and domestic governance of the digital economy and the value of data as the theme, fully show the achievements and experience of Beijing's digital economy development, and will hold 8 parallel sessions including the Digital Agriculture and Rural Forum, the Data Value and Service Forum, and the Conference Results Release Conference. forum.

  The Haidian District Digital Innovation Core Engine Sub-venue has six parallel forums with the theme of digital technology innovation and new infrastructure construction, including the Smart Core Forum and the Artificial Intelligence Industry Governance Forum.

  The digital new country gate branch of Daxing District has the theme of digital trade and industrial digitalization, holding 5 parallel forums including the Digital Trade Development Forum, the Digital Twin and Advanced Manufacturing Forum.

  The Lhasa Digital Third Pole Sub-venue in Tibet shows that Lhasa relies on climate characteristics and resource endowments, and will hold the Digital Bridge Crossing the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Development Forum and the Lhasa Digital Economy Industry Promotion Conference.

  The conference will be concluded with the results release conference of Chaoyang main venue, "Data sees the future, integration without boundaries", will be reviewed and summarized through feature films, awards, project signing, etc., and a new batch of outstanding digital economy companies will be released. Technology and solutions.

  Launched three major events including the Digital Economy Experience Week

  The conference launched three splendid activities with all-people participation.

  The first is the Digital Economy Experience Week, which will be held one week before the conference.

The "Digital Technology Experience" section aims to popularize new concepts and new technologies for digital application development, and conduct popularization experience programming competitions with programming technology as the basic core.

"Digital Economy Scenario Open Day", "Internet celebrity check-in locations" and "Digital Life Consumer Experience" are digital economy landmark check-in activities, allowing the public to experience the changes brought to life by the digital economy while gaining an immersive and interesting experience.

  The conference will also host a global digital economy innovation competition.

With the theme of "New Technology Empowerment, New Digital Benchmarking", based on the development trend of the digital economy industry, focusing on digital life and health, digital culture, digital trade, advanced intelligent manufacturing and other fields, focusing on setting digital trade, digital culture, life health, and intelligence Manufacturing and other tracks, recruiting roadshow projects for global young entrepreneurial elites, and inviting well-known institutional investors to comment on the spot.

  The "Digital First City Night" Entrepreneur Exchange will be hosted by Daxing District and the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and will invite representatives from related industries such as big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, smart manufacturing, biomedicine, digital content, etc. Advise and advise Beijing to build a benchmark city for the global digital economy.

  At the same time, the conference also set up the theme exhibition of the Global Digital Economy Conference, with the theme of "Digital Intelligence Empowering, Co-creating New Digital City Scenes", and centered on "Digital New Infrastructure", "Digital Industrialization", "Industrial Digitalization", "Digital Life", and "Digital The six concepts of "governance" and "digital cultural creation" focus on displaying the latest technologies and products for the development of digital economy at home and abroad, and give full play to the role of Beijing's demonstration area and pilot area.

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