It's going great for the German automaker.

The sports car manufacturer Porsche also joins the success reports, delivering 153,656 cars in the first half of the year - 31 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

The Americans, in particular, bought 50 percent more cars (44,000 in total).

For Europe as well as for Asia-Pacific, Porsche reports an increase of 25 percent.

Susanne Preuss

Business correspondent in Stuttgart.

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The order books are also well filled, so Porsche sales director Detlev von Platen in a message from the Stuttgart company.

However, one knows about the uncertainties caused by the corona pandemic and the supply of semiconductors: "We are observing the overall situation very carefully and at the same time maintaining our optimistic attitude." 

In Europe, around 40 percent of cars were delivered with an electric drive in the first half of the year, either as a plug-in hybrid or as a purely electric vehicle.

And not only here - the rate of electrification is growing in all regions, says von Platen: "This development confirms the path we have taken with our drive strategy."

The Cayenne is sold most often

The Taycan, the first all-electric car from Porsche, is showing particularly strong growth.

With 19,822 deliveries in the first half of the year, the volume for the whole of 2020 has almost been reached.

Above all, however, the Taycan is hot on the heels of the classic 911 sports car, which was delivered 20,611 times (up 22 percent).

The model with the highest volume remains the Cayenne with 44,050 cars.

With a plus of 12 percent, growth remains behind that of classic sports cars: Cayman and Boxster were sold a third more.

The Panamera sedan showed the weakest performance, with sales of only 6 percent more than in the previous year.