Companies have different tools at their disposal for their employees… and holiday vouchers are the top among these advantages.

According to figures from the ANCV, the national agency in charge of the system, there were 4.62 million beneficiaries of these vouchers in 2019, or more than 11 million people including their families.

Are you one of them?

Here is the procedure to take advantage of it.

Coupons from 10 to 50 euros

Offered on an optional basis by private companies and public administrations, holiday vouchers take the form of nominative vouchers available in denominations of 10, 20, 25 or 50 euros.

Depending on the policy of your company, these titles are fully or partially paid for by your employer or via a subsidy from the works council.

Once published, these coupons are valid for two years.

If your boss offered you this type of notebook in early 2021, you have until 2022 to take advantage of it.

If, like many workers, you still have bundles of unused coupons from previous vintages, it is possible, under certain conditions, to exchange expired titles for new versions in the first quarter of the following year.

Leisure at a lower cost

If, as their name suggests, these vouchers are intended to finance your vacation, rest assured: you don't have to travel far from home to use them. More than 200,000 reception points accept these payment vouchers in France. At the top of the list, tourist accommodation such as hotels, campsites, holiday clubs and other lodgings are the main partners of this social device.

More broadly, you can use your checks to pay for many leisure activities such as museums, tourist monuments, amusement parks, but also restaurants.

Ski rental in winter or initiation to aerobatic sports in summer allow you again most often to have fun at a lower cost thanks to these vouchers.

And if your holiday vouchers are not valid outside the national territory, you can however use them with travel agencies and other French tour operators to pay for part of your next trip abroad.

Good plans for transport

Also remember to use them for your trips. Holiday vouchers can in fact be used to pay for your train tickets with SNCF and your plane tickets with airlines. In both cases, however, remember to check the payment terms beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Are you going by car?

Here again, your coupons can reduce your bill thanks to a partnership signed since 2013 between the motorway companies and the ANCV.

You cannot simply hand in your tickets at the toll terminals: you must subscribe to the dedicated “Libert-t Vacances” electronic toll badge offer (without management fees).

Until now, you could credit your account up to 150 euros per year in holiday vouchers.

But the amount of this package was increased to 250 euros per year on June 1, 2021 by Ulys and should soon be applied by other motorway companies.

The Vinci group electronic toll subscription brand is also the first to accept Connect holiday vouchers (dematerialized coupons) since June 24.


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How to know ?

Professionals who accept holiday vouchers can be recognized at a glance thanks to the ANCV sticker displayed on store fronts and on websites.

But beware, paper coupons are generally refused for online payments, unlike their dematerialized version (Connect holiday vouchers), which is precisely reserved exclusively for the Web.

To avoid being denied your titles, it is best to get information upstream.

To make things easier for you, the National Vacation Checks Agency provides you with its dedicated portal:

Using a multi-criteria search engine, you will find all the professionals who accept your vouchers.

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