Nowadays, with 5G+AIoT empowering life, smart home products are rapidly entering thousands of households.

From the perspective of the overall market, with the growth of residents' disposable income and the popularization and application of the Internet, the trend of household digitalization has become more obvious.

Judging from this year's e-commerce promotion festival "618", the smart home category is very popular.

Among them, Lumi Lianchuang (hereinafter referred to as "Aqara"), which is the leading echelon of the industry, achieved 618 results this year. As of 23:59:59 on June 18, Lvmi Lianchuang’s 618 omni-channel sales Break through 360 million yuan.

  According to You Yanyun, founder and CEO of Lumi Lianchuang, the "omni-channel sales exceeded 360 million" was unexpected.

He believes that the industry has been greatly affected by the external environment of the market from last year to the present, and that such results have been quite good.

  However, You Yanyun also pointed out that the country is vigorously promoting the digital transformation of the traditional economy. Digitization is the general trend in the future, and smart home is the best carrier of digitization. For this reason, Aqara has achieved 618 results this year through years of hard work in the field of smart home. It is fully in line with expectations.

  You Yanyun believes that the smart home industry must build online and offline interaction.

The performance of 618 this year is driven by the dual engines of online e-commerce and offline stores.

Aqara's previous 618 performance mainly came from online, focusing on smart products with strong single product attributes.

However, in recent years, users' perceptions of smart homes have changed dramatically, which has promoted the rapid development of Aqara offline stores.

To this end, Aqara's offline store 618 sales can exceed 100 million, making an important contribution to 360 million sales.

  Regarding the offline sales performance this year, You Yanjun believes that as users' perceptions of smart home products change with the development of the industry, more use value of smart home products is accepted by customers.

In fact, Aqara opened the first "Aqara Home Smart Home Experience Hall" offline as early as 2017. From building materials city to large supermarkets, products and services directly reach users, allowing users to learn about smart home more directly. It is a brand new way of life.

This year's 618 offline sales performance also shows once again that the concept of "smart home" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  As a leading company in the industry, the Aqara brand is well-recognized by users. You Yanyun believes that this is the result of Lvmi Lianchuang's simultaneous promotion of product capabilities and services, that is, "products and services are indispensable."

For example, smart home products require many sensors, controllers, and control centers to work together stably and efficiently.

The needs of each user are completely different, so the implementation of smart homes must pay more attention to customized services. Aqara offline stores are the embodiment of the value of this service.

  "Smart homes need'good products' and'good services' to create a'good experience'." You Yanyun concluded, "The core of improving user experience is firstly whether the product is good enough, stable and reliable, and then whether it can be To provide users with personalized products and services to meet their various customized needs."

  At the same time, Aqara puts forward the 4S service concept for the first time in the industry, Solution (scheme display), Sales (product sales), Service (user service), Survey (exchange feedback), providing shop experience, program customization, installation and debugging to after-sales A complete set of whole-house smart customization services.

Aqara offline stores have transformed from "product sales" to "smart lifestyle popularizers".

  You Yanyun pointed out that the future lifestyle is the goal that Aqara has been pursuing for many years.

In the future, data will play a very important role in smart homes, and Aqara will also make long-term investments in big data and AI.

At the same time, in order to achieve the goals of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peaking", smart homes can make a great contribution. For example, homes, hotels or offices can be reduced by 20%-40% through smart home systems. Energy consumption, which is also the goal that Aqara will achieve in the next step.

  You Yanjun concluded that this year's 618 is a clear signal that China is entering the digital stage. From the data of e-commerce activities, it can be seen that China's digitalization process is very fast, and China must lead the world in the future digitalization process.