China News Service, Changsha, July 1st (Fu Jingyi and Liu Xue) At 14:56 on July 1, flight AXY0299 carrying 71 tons of international e-commerce cargo departed from Hunan Changsha Huanghua International Airport to Frankfurt, Germany Hahn Airport marks the opening of a regular all-cargo route from Changsha to Frankfurt Hahn.

  The regular international cargo route from Changsha to Frankfurt Hahn is operated by A340-600, with three flights per week.

This route is the only direct international cargo route from Changsha Airport to Germany. It is of great significance to build an "air bridge" between Changsha and Germany, which is of great significance for expanding the logistics channel between Changsha and the central region to connect to Europe, and helping Changsha to build an international logistics hub city in the central region.

  As the fourth largest cargo airport in Germany, Hahn Airport has a flight radius of less than two hours covering the Western European continent. It can take off and land large aircraft such as Airbus A380 with full load, and can meet the demand for annual cargo and mail throughput of 500,000. The most competitive cross-regional cargo hub airport in China.

  Changsha has always taken the improvement of the international logistics system as an important measure to promote the overall development of an open economy.

From January to May 2020, Changsha will steadily fly 8 regular international cargo routes, and operate 2 irregular all-cargo routes from Chennai and Belgrade. The interconnected international cargo routes make Changsha more closely connected with the world.

  It is reported that in accordance with the development plan for the cargo aviation market in Hunan Province, Changsha will also open new regular international cargo routes to Africa and Amsterdam, adding 3 to 5 regular or irregular routes every year.