Helping "Made in China" Quality Upgrade China Mould Exhibition opens today

  Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Zhang Yuyun) DMC 2021 China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition (DMC2021) opened today at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

The mold industry is the world’s largest horizontal industry, facing almost all major vertical industrial manufacturing industries. DMC2021 closely follows the cutting-edge hotspots of the manufacturing industry, covering the upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain, and accurately serves automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical health, packaging, home appliances, 5G Industries such as application and new infrastructure.

  In 2020, the output value of China's molds exceeded 300 billion yuan, supporting China's more than 30 trillion yuan of product forming and manufacturing. In 2020, China's mold imports were only US$1.58 billion, down 18%, accounting for less than 5% of China's mold consumption value, and China's mold utilization During the window period, the domestic supply capacity is stronger, supporting Chinese manufacturing; in 2020, China’s mold exports will continue to grow, with exports exceeding 6.2 billion U.S. dollars, and more than 200 export countries and regions; the international and domestic markets promote each other, complement each other, and maintain a stable situation of mutual benefit. An irreplaceable international mold supply status.

  DMC2021 takes advantage of the same place display of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to create two major sections of "precision machining" and "mold manufacturing". It brings together about 600 exhibitors to exhibit on the same stage. The exhibition area is about 60,000 square meters. It is expected to attract five Tens of thousands of professional visitors, especially the oriented purchasers of auto parts, will come to visit, to create a large professional platform integrating brand display, efficient procurement, and technical exchanges of the entire industry chain.

Among them, Hall 3H is the Precision Equipment Hall, and Hall 4.1H is the Mold Forming Hall.

  The DMC2021 exhibits cover the most complete categories of molds, including automobile panel molds, large stamping molds, precision stamping molds, small precision molds, precision progressive stamping molds, die-casting molds, casting molds, radial tire molds, profile extrusion molds, A large number of excellent domestic mold companies, such as large aluminum alloy extrusion molds, plastic foam molds, and vacuum suction molds, are displayed in a concentrated manner.

Numerous new technologies, new materials, and new processes will show the most advanced technological achievements and research and development ideas of China's molds on the spot. At the same time, intelligent mold manufacturing will also emerge in large numbers on the spot, showing the future development trend of mold manufacturing.

  According to industry insiders, the strength of China’s manufacturing industry is inseparable from the support of high-quality molds. After years of rapid development, my country’s mold market has ranked first in the world in terms of industrial scale and has become the focus of global mold upstream and downstream industries. In the new journey of the core of the future manufacturing with high efficiency, the critical period of high-quality development of "from large to strong" has come with the goal of continuously improving the company's innovation capabilities and internationalization.

  "Especially in the crisis of the epidemic, new opportunities have emerged. We have seen many mold companies that are at the forefront of digital reforms going against the current, developing against the trend, and hard-core war against the'epidemic'." The organizer said that the mold manufacturing industry Digital transformation is the key to promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's "smart" manufacturing. Post-crisis development will pay more attention to digital and information transformation and upgrading, and it will surely give birth to more new technologies, new models, and new industries.