The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kishiwada City, Osaka, started "work area inoculation" of the new corona vaccine for employees of member companies on the 29th.

The Kishiwada Chamber of Commerce and Industry's occupational inoculation is carried out in the conference room in the conference building, and on the 29th of the first day, about 400 people are vaccinated after interviews by doctors dispatched from local medical institutions. Was inoculated.

According to the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, this is the first time in Kansai that the chamber has gathered member companies for occupational inoculation.

According to the Kishiwada Chamber of Commerce and Industry, when we solicited participation from about 1900 member companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, we have received applications for about 350 to 6300 people so far.

A man in his twenties who finished the vaccination said, "I was relieved that I was able to get the vaccination. Since it is a business, I think that customers can feel relieved."

Kishiwada Chamber of Commerce, but we want to finish the inoculation to wish everyone until this year the end of August, is a vaccine that can be secured so far, at approximately 3200 persons, standing prospect of securing the shortfall It means that it is not.

Hideki Nakai, Chairman of the Kishiwada Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, "Small and medium-sized enterprises are quite exhausted. I want to finish the inoculation as soon as possible and deliver peace of mind as soon as possible."