Last year's financial results of the airline Skymark were affected by the large drop in the number of users due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, resulting in a net loss of 16.3 billion yen.

The final deficit has been for the second consecutive term, and the situation is severe for non-major companies.

According to Skymark's announcement of financial results for the year to March, "business revenue", which is sales, decreased by 62% from the previous year to 34 billion yen, and the final profit and loss was a deficit of 16.3 billion yen. ..

The final deficit will be for the second consecutive term.

This is because the number of passenger flights in the last year fell to less than half of the previous year due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

According to the company, with the exception of Okinawa Prefecture, the state of emergency has been lifted, and the operation in the first half of July is planned to return to about 80% of the original plan.

However, since the infection cannot be expected to converge, the company will continue to reduce costs, such as by refraining from hiring flight attendants scheduled to join the company in April next year.

In the aviation industry, ANA Holdings posted a final deficit of 404.6 billion yen last year, and Japan Airlines also posted a final deficit of 286.6 billion yen, but airlines other than major airlines are also in a difficult situation.