Summer grain welcomes good harvest, wheat fragrance fills the warehouse

  The wind blows the wheat and the waves are everywhere, and the grains return to the warehouse and the harvest is busy.

At the moment, many major wheat-producing provinces are the busy season of the "three summers".

The golden wheat grains return to the warehouse, carrying the hope of a bumper harvest.

  Summer grain output accounts for a quarter of the total annual grain output, and wheat is the main part of summer grain and is the second largest ration of Chinese people.

How is the summer harvest progressed everywhere?

How is the summer grain harvest this year?

The journalist made an interview about this.

Technology supports the "three increases" of wheat area, yield and total output

  A few days ago, the per mu yield data of the demonstration field of "Plowing and Seeding Optimizing Water and Fertilizer Precision Green High-yield Technology" in Gucheng Village, Tangxing Town, Linfen, Shanxi Province, was released, and the yield of wheat per mu exceeded 800 kg.

This green and high-yield technology has changed the conventional drilling method and improved the efficiency of light energy utilization. At the same time, flood irrigation and fertilizer application have been changed to integrated water and fertilizer precision drip irrigation. In addition, the new wheat variety cultivated for 15 years has three yields per mu. Set the national record for the highest yield of winter wheat per unit area.

  This year is another bumper year. In the golden wheat field of Zhanghuai Village, Jiuxian Town, Taihe County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, Xu Congxiang, a large grain grower, easily folded a wheat ear from the wheat field, counted the full ears and said: "Generally more than Forty ears and grains belong to a good harvest year. There are 54 ears and grains on this ear, which shows the good harvest."

  Not only in Shanxi and Anhui, but also from the comprehensive analysis of Shandong, Henan, and Hebei provinces, the wheat production in the three provinces is expected to show three increases in area, yield, and total output.

  "High-yield wheat must first rely on scientific and technological breeding and selection." Xu Congxiang said that this year he selected 3 varieties. Among them, "Fuhangmai 1" is the first new wheat variety bred in space in Anhui. It has short stalks, large ears, and resistance. It has the characteristics of strong disease and flexible sowing time.

  Driven by a large number of projects such as subsidies for high-quality seeds, high-yield creation, green, high-quality and high-efficiency actions, the coverage of high-quality special varieties in my country's main wheat producing areas has been further expanded, the variety layout has been continuously optimized, and the effect of "having grains in technology" has once again been demonstrated.

  Science and technology are the masters, and the power of land generates gold.

"Hiding the grain in the ground" makes every inch of arable land a fertile soil for a good harvest, making the harvest brighter and more reliable.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs pointed out that in recent years, the construction of high-standard farmland has achieved remarkable results, consolidating the foundation of food security, speeding up the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, and saving labor, fertilizer, pesticides and other inputs and increasing comprehensive income, so that agriculture can save costs and increase efficiency.

In Zhangye City, Gansu Province, the cost of mechanical farming, film spreading and spring planting, and irrigation in the high-standard farmland project area has been significantly reduced, and the cumulative mu can save more than 500 yuan.

  According to the latest statistics, from January to April this year, about 33.83 million mu of high-standard farmland has been built across the country, accounting for 33.8% of the annual task volume; 9.21 million mu of new efficient water-saving irrigation area, accounting for 61.4% of the annual task volume.

High-standard farmland construction escorts high-level grain harvests.

Machine loss reduction to ensure that the pellets are returned to the warehouse

  On June 19, in Hekou District, Dongying City, Shandong Province, wheat waves rolled and machines roared, and a wheat harvesting agricultural machinery competition was being staged.

"Now the Hekou District has entered the peak of wheat harvest, and the area of ​​wheat harvested in one day is more than 30,000 mu." said Han Chunxia, ​​head of the production unit of the Hekou District Agriculture and Rural Bureau. "This year, the sown area of ​​wheat in the whole region is 145,300 mu. As of June 18. More than 80,000 mu have been harvested every day."

  "Agricultural machinery is very important for harvesting and planting in summer. Our goal is to mature one piece and harvest one piece. We must increase the speed and efficiency of the machine harvest, and reduce the loss of the machine harvest, so that the wheat grains can be returned to the warehouse." Hekou District Agriculture and Rural Bureau Party Group member, Said Wang Hongzhi, director of the District Agricultural Machinery Service Center.

  In order to reduce the loss of machine harvest, various localities have carried out a series of activities such as the promotion month of the theme of grain harvest loss reduction, field actual combat competition, and big rotation training of pilots.

  "Holding a competition on the skills of mechanical harvest reduction and loss of grain can raise farmers, operators and the general public's awareness of reduction and reduction of mechanical harvest, and jointly save food and ensure food security." Chen Chuanqiang, deputy director of the Shandong Agricultural Machinery Technology Extension Station, pointed out.

  "Reduce loss is to increase production and income." At the competition site, Chen Chuanqiang calculated an account. "This time the competition reduction rate is 1.2%. Based on the estimation of Shandong’s grain output of 109 billion catties last year, if the machine harvest loss rate can be reduced during the harvesting process. 0.1%, the province can theoretically recover 100 million catties of grain."

  In Huai'an, Jiangsu, in order to improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery operations, Huai'an City Finance has allocated 6 million yuan and the county (district) finance has invested 2 million yuan in the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery equipment, promoted the renewal of old combine harvesters, and increased low-temperature cycle drying. And the promotion of remote monitoring equipment and technology, reduce the loss of food in the drying process, such as mildew, and promote the quality and efficiency of agricultural machinery operations, and reduce costs and losses through informatization.

  "Under the conditions of limited arable land resources and difficulty in increasing the planting area, reducing mechanical harvest losses is to increase grain production. If the mechanical harvest losses of wheat can be reduced by 1 percentage point, the country will be able to recover more than 2.5 billion kilograms of output." Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Tang Renjian pointed out.

  Grain production with one hand, and machinery with the other to reduce losses.

Make sure that the pellets are returned to the warehouse to hold the rice bowl more firmly.

Social service solves the problem of "who will cultivate the land and how to cultivate the land"

  In the past two years, in Weiji Town, Shangshui County, Henan Province, many farmers have tasted the sweetness of services such as "land trusteeship" and "grain bank".

The service provider is the Tianhua Planting Cooperative in Weiji Town.

  "Cooperatives carry out land-enhancing village trusteeship services, collect fees for farming services, and all grain harvests belong to farmers, and part of the profits are distributed to the village collective. Land trusteeship reduces the cost of farming, increases production, improves quality, and increases village collective income. It is a win-win situation for farmers, cooperatives, and village collectives.” said Liu Tianhua, chairman of Tianhua Planting Professional Cooperative.

  With the "grain bank" service, farmers can deposit their surplus grain in the "grain bank", which is not only safe and secure, but also solves the problems of unscientific and land occupation in the daily grain storage and storage of farmers, and improves farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain. .

The three models of "production trusteeship", "whole village production trusteeship" and "grain bank" have realized the "one-stop" service of agricultural socialization before, during and after grain production.

  During the "Three Summers" period of this year, various localities vigorously promoted agricultural socialization services, and through the development of production trusteeship, the service needs of thousands of households were concentrated without the transfer of land management rights, so as to provide farmers with centralized and continuous mechanical harvesting, Straw processing, deep loose soil preparation, planting operations, field management and other services, through the service organization to introduce advanced and applicable varieties, technologies, equipment and other modern production elements into agricultural production, allowing professional people to do professional things, so that farmers can save worry and effort. Saving money effectively guarantees a bumper harvest of summer grains.

  According to preliminary statistics from 11 provinces, it is estimated that there will be 219,500 agricultural service organizations participating in the "Three Summers" operation this year, serving nearly 455 million mu of grain crops, and serving 33.8239 million small farmers.

According to calculations, the whole grain trusteeship has an average increase of 10% to 20% per mu, and farmers can save costs and increase income by 350 to 390 yuan per mu (including labor costs).

  According to preliminary statistics, in 2020, the national agricultural production trust service area will exceed 1.6 billion mu times, of which the area of ​​food crops served will exceed 900 million mu times, and the service will drive 70 million small farmers. It is cracking "who will plant the land and how to plant the land." It has played an active role in ensuring the national food security and the effective supply of important agricultural products, promoting cost-saving and efficiency increase in agriculture, increasing production and income of farmers, and driving small farmers into the track of modern agricultural development.

(Reporter Li Hui)