[Hundred Years of Struggle and a New Journey] The Rise of Chinese Fashion is at the Time

  Whether it is the "clothing" in "clothing, food, shelter, transportation" or the old saying that "people rely on clothing, horses and saddles", they all show that people in the country attach great importance to clothing.

  Along with the pace of reform and opening up, fashion has started its evolution in China at an astonishing speed.

  Today, China has become a gathering place for fashion.

Walking on the streets, you can see not only the clothing of international brands, but also the clothing of Chinese brands such as Li Ning, Anta, and Bosideng.

In recent years, the popularity of the Chinese-style Hanfu has increased unabated. Previously, a video of a Chinese guy wearing a Hanfu skateboarding has been broadcast 1.2 billion times on overseas video social platforms such as TikTok.

Many overseas media said that the outfits of Chinese young people have touched the global fashion radar of Generation Z and have become a target for foreigners to imitate.

  Today, China has become a fashion "snatching beach" land.

On the one hand, foreign fashion brands have opened "first stores" and "concept stores" in China, hoping to get closer to the Chinese market; on the other hand, a large number of new generations of local designers have emerged. They have an international perspective and are good at using new ideas and new ideas. Ways to interpret, bring diversified style attempts.

  Chinese fashion has also become an important force on the international fashion stage.

Driven by the rapid development of China's textile industry, a group of Chinese fashion brands have stepped onto the world stage, a group of Chinese fashion designers have emerged internationally, and a group of confident fashionistas are walking around the world wearing Chinese clothes.

  More importantly, as China's economic strength grows stronger, the national pride and self-confidence in the people's hearts are catalyzing the revival of national culture and aesthetic awakening, which has prompted Chinese fashion to have the confidence to integrate international fashion trends into Chinese aesthetics and try Expressed in national language.

  (This article source: Economic Daily Author: Liu Jin)