China News Service, Shenyang, June 19 (Han Hong) Zhang Keyu, Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Liaoning Province, stated at the Tourism Development Promotion Conference of Liaoning Province that Liaoning will seize the golden tourist season of summer and autumn, promote the recovery of tourism growth, and strive for the main Economic indicators turned from negative to positive.

  Zhang Keyu said that 2021 is an important year to seize the opportunity to promote the restoration of tourism growth after the epidemic.

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Liaoning Province will issue the "Working Plan on Expanding Consumption in the Golden Season of Tourism and Accelerating the Restorative Growth of the Province's Tourism Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), taking the golden season of summer and autumn tourism as the starting point to maintain policy measures. "Temperature", the "strength" of activating the market, the "hot" of advancing project construction, the "depth" of cultural and tourism integration, the "height" of brand creation, and the "speed" of expanding supply.

  The "Plan" pointed out that Liaoning will accelerate the adjustment and optimization of product structure and guide tourism enterprises to develop new products and new business formats for leisure and vacation experience.

That is, support the development of new products such as boutique homestays, self-driving camping, cruise yachts, hot spring vacations, forest health, island vacations, support qualified tourism companies to develop leisure tourism products with high participation and strong experience, and support folk cultural experience and rural farming The development of new products such as experience, special product experience, etc., support tourist attractions to carry out night tour services, support qualified museums, libraries, cultural centers and other cultural venues to extend night opening hours to provide convenient services; encourage the construction of a batch of night cultural and tourist consumption clusters .

  Liaoning will integrate resources and create high-quality routes.

Liaoning Province focuses on cultivating four high-quality tourism routes, namely, summer travel and summer tourism routes, autumn leisure agriculture and maple viewing tours, connecting 100 boutique tourist attractions in series, and forming industrial alliances with key elements of enterprise resources to guide upstream and downstream enterprises Carry out in-depth cooperation and explore the establishment of a joint operation model that shares costs and benefits.

  In the second half of the year, Liaoning will also hold the Golden Season tourism theme activities, the provincial tourism industry development conference, cultural and creative commodity competitions and tourism trunk project promotion activities, red tourism route promotion and red tourism souvenir exhibition activities, and organize cities to participate in important national exhibition activities .