"China's Good Cereals and Oils" action increased high-quality grains by more than 50 million tons

Grain post-production service system realizes full coverage of grain-producing counties

"China's Good Cereals and Oils" action increased high-quality grains by more than 50 million tons

  The State Council Information Office held a press conference on the 18th to introduce the in-depth promotion of the high-quality grain project and the acceleration of the high-quality development of the grain industry.

  Zhai Jianglin, chief engineer of the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves, said that the high-quality grain project was launched in 16 provinces at the end of 2017, the grain post-production service system has achieved full coverage of grain-producing counties, and the grain quality and safety inspection and monitoring system has achieved monitoring coverage of more than 50,000 tons. In 60% of grain-producing counties, the “China Good Cereals and Oils” initiative increased more than 50 million tons of high-quality grains.

  The Ministry of Finance and the National Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves successively issued a series of policy documents such as guidance and supporting implementation guidelines, focusing on the promotion of the "five-optimal linkage" of high-quality grain production, quality purchase, quality storage, quality processing, and quality marketing, and promote the extension of grain The industrial chain, the promotion of the value chain, and the creation of a "three-chain synergy" in the supply chain.

A number of innovative practices have been formed, and typical experiences represented by the "Huzhou Model" and "Funan Model" have been cultivated.

  Qian Yi, Director of the Planning and Construction Department of the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves, said that the central government has allocated 21.5 billion yuan in rewards for four consecutive years since 2017, drove local and social investment of more than 60 billion yuan, and supported 64 formerly national-level poverty-stricken counties and counties. The major grain-producing counties have achieved remarkable results in the development of the grain industry.

  In terms of financial credit, the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves and the Agricultural Development Bank of China jointly launched a credit support action for key demonstration enterprises of high-quality grain projects. At present, 345 enterprises have been identified as key demonstration credit support enterprises for high-quality grain projects, and more than 30 billion yuan of preferential loans have been issued. .

  Zhai Jianglin said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it is necessary to in-depth advance the high-quality grain project to achieve greater results.

The first is to encourage all kinds of entities to purchase directly on the market, promote the purchase of high-quality grains at high prices, and enlarge the driving role of brand building, forming a virtuous circle of the overall linkage of production, purchase, storage and sales, and mutual promotion.

Second, relying on the four major carriers of demonstration cities and counties, characteristic parks, processing bases, and leading enterprises, cultivate a number of industrial bases and industrial clusters to build a clustered development pattern of the grain industry.

The third is to in-depth implementation of the "six actions" of green grain storage improvement, grain product quality brand improvement, grain quality retrospective improvement, grain machinery and equipment improvement, grain emergency protection capabilities, and grain conservation, detriment, and healthy consumption.

(Reporter Cui Guoqiang)