China News Service, Xiong'an, June 19th, title: People are actively trying to visit digital RMB application scenarios in Xiong'an New Area

  China News Agency reporter Cui Tao

  As one of the first pilots for the use of digital renminbi, the Xiongan New District launched a pilot digital renminbi at the end of 2019.

On the 19th, a reporter from China News Agency visited Xiong’an New District and found that digital renminbi is gradually entering the daily lives of Xiong’an people.

  At the Kapok Hotel of China Resources University in Xiong'an New Area, after the tourist Wang Heng selected the product, he showed the digital RMB payment code in front of the self-service shopping machine. After scanning by the machine, the purchase was completed quickly.

"It looks very similar to the operation of Alipay and WeChat Pay, and the speed is also very fast." Wang Heng said.

  There are many such payment scenarios in this hotel.

According to Guan Yu, the director of the hotel, the Kapok Hotel of China Resources University is one of the first hotels in Xiong'an New District to complete the upgrade of digital renminbi acceptance. The hotel can accept digital renminbi payments in various consumption scenarios such as conferences, accommodation, catering, and supermarket .

The staff in the hotel also simultaneously receive training on the use of digital renminbi scenarios, which can assist tourists in making digital renminbi payments in various consumption scenarios.

  The digital renminbi is a digital legal currency issued by the People's Bank of China. It is operated by designated operating agencies and exchanged to the public. Based on the broad account system, it supports the loose coupling function of bank accounts and is equivalent to banknotes and coins.

  The reporter found that there are digital renminbi in many places in Xiong'an.

In a supermarket chain in Xiong'an New District, the cash register is placed in a prominent position on the payment process using digital renminbi, and customers ask and try to pay with digital renminbi from time to time.

  Not only that, but in the recent period, the pilot use of Xiongan's digital renminbi has been in full swing in application scenarios.

  Bank of China, China Telecom, and State Grid took the lead in applying digital renminbi hard wallets to charging scenarios for new energy vehicles in Xiongan New Area; Xiong’an Customs, affiliated to Shijiazhuang Customs, successfully completed the payment of risk deposits in the form of digital renminbi; Xiongan Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and PetroChina The Xiongan branch cooperated to realize the digital renminbi acquiring scenario; the Xiong’an branch of China Postal Savings Bank built Laohetou Town, Anxin County into a digital renminbi characteristic town, and deployed a large number of digital renminbi acceptance scenarios.

  According to reports, the Xiongan New District has completed the first "chain" digital renminbi wages on behalf of others. The builders of the Xiong’an afforestation project received wages in the form of "digital renminbi" this spring. This is the first batch of "blockchain + digital" in the country. One of the application scenarios of "RMB".

  "This fund can be traced back to the source, there is no additional handling fee in the circulation process, and it is safer." According to Wang Zhen, general manager of China Xiong'an Group Digital City Technology Co., Ltd., the payment of workers' wages through "blockchain + digital RMB" will increase Blockchain technology is integrated with the convenience and security of digital currency and the characteristics of legal tender. This fund can only be used for the payment of workers' wages and cannot be used for other purposes. It can better protect the rights and interests of builders.

At the same time, it reflects the programmability of the digital renminbi. Information about related projects and builders can be included in the payment process to lock the direction, content and amount of funds for payment.

  Wang Zhen said that around the construction of Xiongan New Area, Xiongan has tried to explore the application scenarios of "blockchain + digital RMB" in many aspects.

"This application will bring innovative development to the digital city construction, smart public services and digital economy in Xiongan New Area."