With the elimination of many Corona restrictions, the selection of possible holiday destinations will be slightly larger again.

Especially in other European countries, many countries are open to tourists again without major restrictions.

For some vacationers, another criterion could come back to the fore: Where is the vacation particularly cheap?

Tim Kanning

Editor in business.

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    It is well known that you can buy more from one euro in Eastern Europe than, for example, in Scandinavia.

    The Association of German Banks has now calculated exactly where you can get how much.

    Result: Holidays in Turkey are particularly cheap.

    After the strong loss of value of the lira in recent months, tourists between the Black Sea and Mediterranean coast can buy things with one euro that would cost 1.65 euros in Germany.

    In Hungary (1.41 euros) more than 40 percent could be saved in comparison, in the Czech Republic it was still almost 30 percent (1.29).

    Expensive Denmark, cheaper Poland

    If you are drawn to the northern coasts, you can save the most money in Poland. There you can get goods worth 1.45 euros for one euro. Further along the Baltic Sea coast it gets a bit more expensive, for example in Lithuania (1.35 euros), Latvia (1.28 euros) or in Estonia (1.22 euros). In contrast, the North or Baltic Sea holidays in Denmark are much more expensive: According to the information, the euro is worth only 70 cents there.

    There are also considerable differences when it comes to holidays in the Alps. While the price level in Austria, Italy and, by the way, also in France is on a similar level as in Germany, tourists in Switzerland have to dig deep into their pockets. With one euro you can buy goods worth 50 cents from the Swiss - so everyday life costs twice as much as at home. The view of the Matterhorn or Lake Lucerne has to compensate for that.