Look at the value of the face, fight for the background, compare the quality

What are you eating cold drinks this summer?

  For many people, summer starts with a bottle of iced soda and an ice cream.

Bingfeng, Nongfu Spring, Yili, Madieer, Zhong Xuegao... Today's cold drink market is very lively, with both new Internet celebrities emerging and old brands constantly innovating; both local ice products and national famous products.

  With the general trend of consumption upgrading, the cold beverage industry has ushered in a new revolution.

In this wave, who can be the guardian of consumers for a cool summer?

Nowadays, what do people eat when they eat cold drinks?

  "Internet celebrities" frequently appear

  Layout of new and old brands in the mid-to-high-end market

  In the hot summer, Feng Chenxi, a “post-90s” who works in Chaoyang District, Beijing, walked into a convenient bee shop next to the company and wanted to find a cold drink to cool off, but it was a bit awkward to enter the shop. Ice cream, iced drinks, and yogurt were all dazzling. .

After a cursory glance, I was attracted by a "small fresh" package in the freezer. This is a "clear boiled ruoye" ice cream, a joint product of Zhong Xuegao and Wufangzhai. "I didn't eat rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival, just try this! "The payment code was deducted without looking at the price. Only after this deduction did we know that one cost 15 yuan, which is a bit expensive.

  "Fortunately, it tastes good, the scent of rice dumplings is mixed with milk, and the stickiness of glutinous rice." Feng Chenxi said.

  In Feng Chenxi's impression, domestic cold drinks are mostly cheap, and only a few foreign brands can sell at this price.

Recalling the midsummer when he was a child, a dime "ice bag" can make him smile.

The ice bag packaging is extremely simple, just an icicle wrapped in plastic.

When he and his little friend were sweating profusely, they went to the commissary to buy ice packs, first put a stick on their face and forehead, and instantly refreshed, and then grabbed their mouths and bit their mouths, and then they sucked impatiently, chilling. Straight to the forehead...

  This kind of simple cold drink blended with pigment and sweetener has accompanied many people's childhood.

"That is the coolest taste in summer." Feng Chenxi said.

  In recent years, under the promotion of some cutting-edge brands, domestic ice products have continuously raised their price ceilings. There are more and more domestic ice creams above 10 yuan, while those below 10 yuan are rare.

The price of ice cream in Zhongjie 1946 and Zhong Xue Gao's ice cream is more than 10 yuan, and the price of an "Ecuadorian pink diamond ice cream" that made Zhong Xue Gao's "out of the circle" is as high as 66 yuan.

  Seeing new and cutting-edge forces overtaking corners, old players are also actively deploying the mid-to-high-end market, and the cold drink market has entered the "10 yuan era".

  Yili has been at the top of the domestic cold drink market for many consecutive years. Its ice factory, Joulez and other products are well-loved by consumers, but new faces are needed to open up the situation in the mid-to-high-end market.

“With the rise of new ice cream brands, more innovative brands enter the market with mid-to-high-end products, thereby driving market competition intensified. Through continuous product and marketing innovation, the brand provides healthier and more unique flavored products.” Yili The relevant person in charge of the group said.

On the basis of affordable models, Yili launched new products such as Zhenxi and Xuanhuan, which successfully helped the brand to stabilize its market position.

  "Ice cream is the most eye-catching consumer product in midsummer. Bianlifeng, Yili, Menglong, etc. sell ice cream at around 10 yuan. In addition, the high-priced Internet celebrities are mostly the favorites of white-collar workers in business districts, such as Zhong Xuegao. , Hi tea ice cream, etc." said the relevant person in charge of Bianlifeng.

  Not just to relieve heat

  Full of creativity, fascinating to punch in

  Nowadays, domestic cold drink brands are gradually gaining a foothold in the mid-to-high-end market, whether they are in the mom-and-pop shops on the street, convenience chains or large-scale supermarkets, and they have the ability to compete with international brands.

Behind the ever-increasing prices are the all-round changes in the products of manufacturers.

Raw materials, shapes, craftsmanship, packaging... all aspects of cold beverage production and research are constantly changing, which stems from manufacturers' accurate grasp of changes in consumption concepts.

  Ice cream brands frequently arouse the curiosity of consumers with richer flavors: durian, toffee, AD calcium milk, salted egg yolk..."The new generation of consumers seeking novelty and innovation are more willing to pay for the early adopters. They are more willing to pay for the early adopters. The sensitivity to prices has decreased, and more attention has been paid to factors such as product quality, taste, packaging, and freshness. The rise in demand for differentiation has promoted the growth of consumption of high-quality products. "Analysis of industry insiders.

  The popularity of Wenchuang ice cream this year is an example.

  Before traveling to Wuhan during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Wang Qi saw someone sharing the "Eatable Yellow Crane Tower" on social platforms, and was immediately planted.

"The ice cream has fine texture, realistic shape, and good taste. It's not too expensive for a 15 yuan one. It's cool to take a photo with it in front of the Yellow Crane Tower!"

  Well-known scenic spots, such as the Forbidden City, West Lake, and Leshan Giant Buddha, are combining their own characteristics to launch uniquely shaped cultural and creative ice creams. Taking photos of iconic buildings or cultural relics shaped ice cream in front of the "principal deity" has become a new fashion for travel check-in. .

  Taking advantage of the popularity of cultural relics, Sanxingdui launched two bronze masked "baby head" ice creams, which were looted in the morning.

According to ice cream designer Feng Shixiong, there will be a variety of styles and flavors of products such as bronze Darling, bronze bird head, etc., so that tourists who come to Sanxingdui can see, eat, and enjoy the circle of friends.

  The nine-story pagoda of Mogao Grottoes, the horse head of the Old Summer Palace, Yungang Grottoes... all kinds of cultural and creative ice cream in scenic spots attract the attention of tourists, and some of them cost tens of yuan, and many consumers are still willing to line up.

  The new "net celebrity" is eye-catching to create a sense of topic, and the old brand wins with tradition.

  Martier, founded in 1906, now sells more than 10,000 ice creams every day, no matter how cold or hot it is.

In the crowded Central Street of Harbin, buying a Martell popsicle to take a photo has almost become a standard action—not to quench the heat and thirst, just to punch a card.

  "The function of cold drinks is changing, and it gradually carries more cultural and social attributes. At present, the products of the top ice cream brands in the market may not have much difference if they only compare their tastes. For young people, choosing a fast-moving consumer product is very important. To a large extent, it is expressing individuality." said Sun Zubin, general manager of Madier Group, "Madier is the earliest popsicle brand in China. It has always adhered to old craftsmanship and several traditional flavors. This inheritance is the core competitiveness of the brand. What is the taste of popsicles that people ate more than 100 years ago? For consumers, it is a rare cultural experience."

  Return to quality

  Cold drink is delicious to grow red

  Novelty flavors are refurbished, shapes and styles are meticulously crafted. In the cold drink market where product upgrades are accelerating, there are always new products and gameplays constantly emerging.

But no matter how it changes, cold drinks are food after all, and the stomach is the essence of it. The key to changing from "net celebrity" to long red is whether the product can be absorbed by the mouth.

  "Yili cold drinks has a 29-year history of development. Walking on the streets and alleys, wherever there is a freezer, there will be Yili ice cream." The relevant person in charge of the Yili cold drink business unit said that the reputation accumulated over the years is the brand's greatest wealth.

Tastes, product lines, and channels are all changing, but adherence to quality allows the brand to ride the wind and waves in the fierce market competition.

  "Health has gradually become an important dimension to measure the quality of cold drinks." The relevant person in charge of Yili's cold drink business unit said that Yili's "Some Oatmeal" ice cream uses milk with natural oatmeal particles, and milk protein and plant protein collide with deliciousness and health.

Another ice cream brand "Xu Jin Huan" is mainly free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and uses advanced liquid nitrogen extraction technology and patented live bacteria to provide consumers with high-quality ice cream.

  "Consumers are demanding higher and higher beverage quality, which requires companies to work hard on their products and continuously improve their quality to truly make'net celebrity' products become popular." said the relevant person in charge of Nongfu Spring.

  Recently, someone discovered that the taste of oriental leaf "jasmine tea" is different.

"The floral fragrance is fuller, more natural and refreshing, making it more suitable for summer drinking."

  "Consumers' demand for sugar-free tea is not only sugar-free, but a comprehensive experience based on taste. This is an invisible competition'barrier' for brands."

  Quality is the lifeblood of a brand.

This is true for Nongfu Spring, who is more than 20 years old, and the same is true for Xi’an Bingfeng, who is more than 70 years old.

In the 1990s, Coca-Cola entered the Xi'an market in a big way and tried everything to defeat Bingfeng. The glass bottle was filled with 50ml more, and the wholesale price was 5 cents cheaper. Even so, Bingfeng failed to fall.

  "Of course, this is not just feelings. Guangxi's high-quality white sugar, multi-process purified water, and glass bottles that have been soaked, washed, disinfected, and dried for 40 minutes. The consistent spirit of craftsmanship guarantees the quality of Bingfeng's soda. Let us win the recognition of Xi'an citizens and tourists from all over the world." said the head of the brand department of Xi'an Bingfeng Beverage Co., Ltd.

  Nowadays, as the tourism market in Xi’an continues to be hot, Bingfeng has used the Internet to move out of Xi’an and promote its products across the country through new retail and other means.

In addition to sticking to the taste, Bingfeng has also followed the pace of the times to create diversified products. New packaging and new flavors enrich the product matrix, speeding up Bingfeng's pace out of the Sanqin land.

  Consumption of cold drinks will usher in more and faster changes.

In the past, an ice cream and a bottle of soda accompanied the growth of several generations, but now it is the same generation that witnesses the changes and upgrades of different cold drink brands.

The big waves are scouring the sand, and the ones that can stay will be more adaptable and innovative brands based on excellent quality.

  Kang Pu Han Xin