Two banks launched ATM digital renminbi and cash exchange function yesterday, a reporter from the Japan newspaper went to experience

How to cash in the digital renminbi of ATM machines

  At present, more and more citizens are beginning to participate in the digital RMB pilot program. Usually, everyone uses a bank card to recharge into a digital wallet to exchange for digital RMB.

Can cash be directly exchanged with digital renminbi?

On June 17, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Branch of ICBC and Beijing Branch of Agricultural Bank of China that these two banks have taken the lead in launching the exchange function between ATM digital renminbi and cash in Beijing.

ICBC's more than 3,000 deposit and withdrawal all-in-one machines all over the capital have activated this function, becoming the first bank in Beijing to fully launch digital RMB cash exchange.

Agricultural Bank of China has deployed more than 10 ATM machines in Wangfujing area, all of which can exchange digital renminbi and cash.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that the specific operating procedures of the two banks are different, but they are both very smooth.

Whether it is digital renminbi cash withdrawal or cash conversion into digital renminbi, it will not take more than 2 minutes.

What needs to be reminded is that before the exchange, you need to open the digital wallet of the relevant bank and verify the real name.


  ATM digital renminbi cash

  Scan code with mobile banking

  At an ICBC branch near Chaoyangmen, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that the three cash dispensers in the self-service area of ​​the branch were marked with a red "digital renminbi" logo, indicating that the three machines have enabled related functions.

  The reporter saw that there was a "digital renminbi" option on the left side of the machine screen. After clicking to enter, two options "digital renminbi for cash" and "cash for digital renminbi" appeared on the right side of the page.

  The reporter first experienced the exchange of cash for digital renminbi.

First enter the mobile phone number as required, the screen will immediately display the wallet ID, name, mobile phone number, currency and other information that has undergone privacy processing, and ask the customer to verify it; after confirmation, the machine's cash input port is automatically opened and the reporter puts 2 copies 100 yuan banknotes and related confirmation, the page popped up with the words "transaction successful".

The reporter then opened the central bank’s “digital RMB” app and found that ICBC’s wallet balance had become 200 yuan, and the transaction record also showed “recharge wallet + 200 yuan”.

  Subsequently, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily experienced the function of digital renminbi exchange for cash.

After clicking the "Digital RMB exchange for cash" option, a QR code appeared on the screen.

We need to remind everyone that at present, ICBC only supports digital RMB internal experience wallet scan code exchange in ICBC Mobile Banking, and does not support the use of the central bank's "digital RMB" APP to scan codes.

  The reporter opened the ICBC mobile banking, searched for "internal experience wallet", and then scanned the QR code on the screen. The mobile page immediately displayed buttons for different amounts such as 100 yuan and 200 yuan; the reporter selected "100 yuan" on the mobile phone, and then scanned the QR code on the screen. Enter the wallet payment password, and then click the "Withdraw" button on the ATM screen. The cash outlet of the machine quickly spit out a hundred yuan banknote, and the digital renminbi exchange for cash was successfully completed.

  Agricultural Bank

  Don't scan the code during the whole process

  Only need mobile phone verification and payment password

  It is understood that the Beijing Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China has deployed more than 10 ATMs that can deposit and withdraw digital RMB in the Wangfujing area, one of which is located in the business department of the Dongcheng Sub-branch of the Agricultural Bank on Jinbao Street.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters also went to experience.

  Beijing Youth Daily reporter first experienced the exchange of cash for digital renminbi.

After selecting "Digital RMB" on the homepage of the ABC ATM screen, follow the prompts to enter your mobile phone number, and you will immediately receive an SMS verification code. Enter this verification code on the machine screen, select "Cash Exchange" on the right of the screen, and follow the prompts to change Put the 100 yuan bill into the deposit port. After confirming the deposit amount, enter the digital wallet payment password on the screen, and soon I heard the machine's voice announcement that "transaction has been successful".

The reporter's Agricultural Bank digital wallet also showed that 100 yuan was deposited.

  Subsequently, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily experienced the function of converting ABC's digital RMB into cash.

Same as the operation of redeeming digital renminbi above, first enter the mobile phone number and SMS verification code, select "Cash Back", and then enter the exchange amount of 100 yuan as prompted, and then enter the digital wallet payment password, the cash outlet will appear soon For a one-hundred-yuan note, the entire process takes exactly 1 minute.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that in the process of mutual exchange between digital renminbi and cash, the use of Agricultural Bank of China's machinery does not require any APP scan code, and only needs to use mobile phone text messages and payment password verification.


  Multiple channels can apply for activation

  Digital RMB Wallet

  On June 5, Beijing officially launched the "Jingcai Strugglers Digital Carnival" digital renminbi pilot program (hereinafter referred to as "Jingcai" campaign), 200,000 lucky winners each received a 200 yuan digital RMB "Jingcai" red envelope .

In February of this year, Beijing also launched the "Digital Wangfujing Ice and Snow Shopping Festival" digital renminbi pilot program around the entire Winter Olympics consumption scene, and distributed 50,000 digital renminbi red envelopes, each with a value of 200 yuan.

  Is it true that only citizens who are lucky enough to win the lottery can open the digital renminbi authority?

the answer is negative.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Postal Savings and other banks that participated in the digital renminbi test that interested citizens have multiple channels to apply for a digital renminbi personal wallet.

  The most direct and effective way is to apply at a branch.

The bank staff will show a QR code. After scanning the code, the staff will guide the customer to apply. Generally, it can be opened at the latest T+2 days, and some banks can be opened on the spot.

The staff of the business department of the Dongcheng branch of Agricultural Bank of China told reporters that in order to promote the digital renminbi pilot program, they will actively invite customers who come to the branch to conduct business to open the digital renminbi permission.

  Secondly, it can be applied for on-site at the pilot activities related to digital RMB.

Currently, the "Jing Cai" event is in full swing, with nearly 2,000 designated merchants participating in this event.

It is understood that China Postal Savings North Branch, Bank of China North Branch and other banks have increased their promotion and publicity during the event. Consumers will be invited to experience the digital renminbi at the event site and activate the authority as quickly as possible.

  In addition, citizens can also try to apply through mobile banking channels.

Banks such as the Bank of China have recently sent invitation text messages to many target customers.

Customers who receive the text messages can log in to the Bank of China Mobile Banking and click the "digital RMB" icon to apply for activation.

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