The stock price of the Tokyo stock market on the 17th is falling.

In response to the advance prediction of the timing of the cancellation of the zero interest rate policy at the meeting of the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the Tokyo market on the 17th was aware of a large-scale reduction in monetary easing Many stocks have been ordered for sale.

The Nikkei Stock Average temporarily dropped by more than 400 yen during the morning trading hours.

▽ Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price in the morning is 28,906.75 yen, which is 384.26 yen lower than the closing price on the 16th.

▽ Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics fell 15.17 to 1960.69.

▽ The trading volume in the morning was 531.07 million shares.

Market officials said, "Stock prices in major Asian markets such as Taiwan and South Korea are also declining, and investors are becoming more cautious about what will happen to US monetary policy in the future."