Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, June 17 (Chang Tao intern Yang Wanjin) "What I play is the heartbeat, there is no empty bag." "Ask me what's in it, but the customer service lady doesn't know." "The express delivery is cool, 9.9 20 yuan." Buyers returned goods and unclaimed express delivery draped in the cloak of "blind boxes" are appearing on e-commerce platforms and live broadcast rooms, and are highly sought after by young people.

  However, the routine is also hidden deep in it.

You may not think that the express blind box you bought with great joy can only take out a pile of rubbish in the end.

At the same time, the wholesale price of some express blind boxes may be as little as a few cents or even a few cents, and the profit rate after reselling is as high as 500%.

"Express blind box, all you play is the heartbeat"

  A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei searched for "Express Blind Box" on an e-commerce platform and found that there are a large number of stores selling the item.

One of the shops "Express Blind Box" product introduction page states "Shoot one shot 40, express blind box surprise", the price is 28.4 yuan, and the monthly sales volume reaches 6000+.

In the product details, there are also words such as "Blind box playing is heartbeat and stimulation, you may lose a little, or you may earn".

  Regarding what is in the express blind box, a small number of merchants simply outline the product categories, such as home department stores, electronic products, maternal and child products, toys, accessories, etc. Most merchants use "playing is the heartbeat" as the excuse. To reveal.

  However, through the unpacking experience of buyers in the comment area, the contents of the express blind box can probably be summarized.

Some buyers said that they had unpacked “good pieces” with value for money or unexpected from the blind express boxes; some buyers received empty boxes, trash, and scraps, calling out “too pits”.

  A reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei noted that there are 419 reviews for certain types of express blind boxes, including 301 good reviews and 119 bad reviews. Most of the buyers who gave good reviews also have "bad reviews" in the text description. "one slice.

Some buyers wrote, "A small pile of rubbish, the outside of the package is clearly written, no surprises..." "It's just a fun, there is no normal things at all, and the express delivery is basically fake." There are also buyers. Wrote, "IQ tax, IQ tax, don't shoot!"

  Of course, there are also buyers who are not too concerned about the items in the express blind box, saying "just for the pleasure of being able to open the express."

Not all express blind boxes are true "express"

  Where did these express blind boxes come from?

  A shop stated on the product introduction page: "All products are e-commerce inventory, return orders, last orders... This product is not an unclaimed express box." The question is, are there really so many return orders?

If it's inventory, last bill, or not express delivery in the true sense?

  Qiu Bin (a pseudonym) has been engaged in the wholesale business of express blind boxes for three months, and can sell 2 to 3 tons of express blind boxes every day.

Qiu Bin introduced to a reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei that he has three types of blind express boxes, which are exclusively for customers who open online stores, open boxes for live broadcasts, or set up stalls.

  "The first type of express blind box is a mixture of blind boxes and blind bags, and it is shipped from Beijing, 4 yuan a catty, no mail; the second type is express blind boxes, which are also mixed with blind boxes and blind bags, with better quality , Shipped from Yiwu, Zhejiang, 7 yuan a catty, no free shipping; the third type is ready-made express blind boxes, sold individually, with higher quality, starting at 3.2 yuan for 200 pieces and 3 yuan for 500 pieces."

Express Blind Box Wholesale Price List Photo courtesy of respondents

  Where did Qiu Bin's blind express box come from?

He revealed that there are three main ways.

Among them, the express blind box of 4 yuan a catty is mainly a "pickup" on the e-commerce platform, that is, a user can buy an ultra-low-priced product with a newly registered account, which may be a few cents or even a few cents.

The express blind box of 7 yuan a catty comes from Yiwu, Zhejiang, and is mainly returned by e-commerce platforms, live broadcasts, or unclaimed express delivery.

The ready-to-install express blind box is to put things into the express box and paste the top sheet to make it look like the express blind box.

  According to the China-Singapore Jingwei reporter, in addition to intermediaries, customers can also directly wholesale express blind boxes directly from express websites, distribution centers, and other places.

  A person in charge of the express distribution center revealed to a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei that their center will produce a large number of unclaimed express delivery every once in a while, all of which are sold as "private rooms" for express blind boxes.

"The'private room' is the (buyer) payment deposit, and the'headless' (unclaimed express delivery) produced by a courier distribution center will be collected at a few yuan per piece."

The person in charge said.

  The problem of supply is solved, and how to sell the express blind box is also a "very deep knowledge".

"A good match will not only make more repeat customers, but also make more money. If the match is not good, just wait for a bad review." Qiu Bin said.

  A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei noted that on the e-commerce platform, express blind boxes are sold on a per-unit basis or sold per catty.

For example, 3 pieces at 9.9 yuan, 40 pieces at 28 yuan, and 3 kilograms at 90.9 yuan.

According to Qiu Bin, sellers must know the quality of express blind boxes, such as 28 yuan and 40 pieces, which are definitely worthless.

  Qiu Bin used his wholesale express blind box as an example to calculate an account with a reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei.

He said that under normal circumstances, there are 7 or 8 blind boxes per catty for 4 yuan a catty, and sometimes there are 10 blind boxes per catty.

On the e-commerce platform, most of these blind express boxes are 9.9 yuan for 3 packages, 18.8 yuan for 1 catty, and 35 yuan for 1 kilogram.

Take three packages of 9.9 yuan as an example. Excluding the shipping cost and selling one order, the profit margin of a single express blind box will reach 500%.

Even if it sells 18.8 yuan a catty, the profit margin can be 300%.

Relatively speaking, although Yiwu Express Blind Boxes cost 7 yuan a catty are expensive, their profits are not as high.

  "Let's put it this way, the worse things are, the more money you make." Qiu Bin revealed that the blind box of 4 yuan a catty is definitely not valuable. Most of them are hair ropes, plastic clips, etc., and there may be individual ones. Laundry liquid.

"In fact, the buyer doesn't care whether the goods are worth or not, they try to satisfy their curiosity and stimulate them."

Not everything can be "blind box"

  In fact, even for unclaimed express delivery, the state clearly prohibits reselling.

The reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei noted that Article 4 of the "Interim Regulations on Express Delivery" clearly stipulates that no unit or individual may illegally inspect the express mail of others except for the inspection of express mail by relevant departments in accordance with the law.

No unit or individual may open, conceal, destroy or resell other people's express mail without permission.

  In addition, Hu Gang, deputy secretary-general of the Legal Work Committee of the Internet Society of China, pointed out that unlike Chaowan Blind Boxes, which limit the categories of goods in the blind boxes, if the sellers of express blind boxes do not inform consumers of the category, origin, and main products of the blind boxes. The basic product information required by the "Consumer Rights Protection Law" such as ingredients, production date, expiration date, and inspection certificate, then express blind boxes are directly opposed to consumers' right to know.

  "Not all categories of goods are suitable for blind boxes, such as food. If express blind boxes are really taken from packages that have been abandoned or forgotten by others, then selling express blind boxes may also pose a threat to consumers' privacy." Hu Steel thinks.

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