In the Tokyo stock market on the 15th, an aggressive buy order was placed on Toyota Motor's stock, and the stock price exceeded 10,000 yen, setting a new record since the listing.

At the Tokyo stock market on the 15th, Toyota Motor's stock received many buy orders in the afternoon and closed at 10,75 yen, which is 175 yen higher than the 14th.

This is the first time Toyota's stock price has exceeded 10,000 yen, and it has reached its highest level since its listing.

The market capitalization based on the closing price is more than 32 trillion yen, which is the largest among listed companies in Japan.

Toyota's stock price has risen sharply since mid-May, when it was announced that the final profit for the fiscal year ending March next year will reach 2.3 trillion yen, and has continued to reach its highest level.

In addition, it was announced that one share will be split into five shares at the end of September, and there is a growing view that transactions will become more active among individual investors in the future, which seems to be behind the rise in stock prices.

Market officials said, "Toyota is clearly recovering from the effects of the new coronavirus among automakers. Also, with the increasing momentum of decarbonization, investors around the world are deciding what kind of electric vehicle strategy We are paying attention to whether it will be launched, but Toyota has also set a goal of selling 8 million electric vehicles in 2030, and investment money is being collected. "