, Beijing, June 14 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The Science and Technology Communication Center of the China Association for Science and Technology announced on the 13th that a "Power Growth Enterprise Prosperity Index for the first quarter of 2021, covering related enterprises in 15 provinces (municipalities) across the country" The “investigation report” shows that, for the first time, the power growth enterprise group, which represents the new momentum, is booming. The development trend of the outbreak and growth in the post-epidemic era is strong, innovation is highly active, and entrepreneurs have high confidence in the future development trend of China's economy.

  The "Power Growth Enterprise Prosperity Index Survey" has been jointly carried out by the China Science Coordination and Publicity Department and Great Wall Strategic Consulting since May 2020, and 5 index reports have been published so far.

The survey of the latest report released by Great Wall Strategic Consulting will push the questionnaire publicly through the Internet from the end of April to mid-May 2021. The sample companies cover 15 provinces (cities) across the country, including 132 national high-tech companies, 86 high-growth companies, and high-tech companies. 28 value companies.

  The survey results show that in the first quarter of 2021, Mi Growth's own business conditions have further improved.

Specifically, in the first quarter of 2021, the power growth enterprise index at all levels rose across the board. The overall prosperity index was 153.1, entering the high-prosperity range for the first time, up 22.4 points year-on-year and 10.9 points month-on-month.

Among them, the total prosperity index of high-growth companies (150.3), high-value companies (156.8), large companies (162.4) and small and micro companies (152.6) all exceeded 150, and medium-sized companies (149.7) were also close to the high boom range.

  From a micro perspective, in the first quarter of 2021, the regional index (158.9) and the industry index (155.0) both entered the high-prosperity range, and the regional index still ranked first; the enterprise index (147.5) returned to more than 145, an increase of 10.9 points from the previous quarter.

Among the 15 three-level indexes, 11 are in the high-prosperity range, of which 5 indexes (innovation and entrepreneurship, industry policy, technological innovation, high-enterprise attractiveness, new product development) exceed 160, the number of employees index (151.9), and market share The index (152.4), the market size index (156.7), and the talent attractiveness index (156.7) reached record highs.

  According to reports, the "Power Growth Enterprise Prosperity Index" is a prosperous index that comprehensively reflects the development of new economy companies with power growth characteristics, their industries, and the region's innovation ecology in the current quarter and the next quarter. The survey conducts an online questionnaire survey for sample companies every quarter, and uses the Bureau of Statistics Entrepreneur Confidence Index method to calculate the power growth corporate prosperity index of the quarter. It uses 100 as the critical value. A higher than 100 indicates that it is in a prosperous state. -120 is a relatively prosperous interval, 120-150 is a higher prosperous interval, and 150-200 is a high prosperous interval; lower than 100 indicates a recession. (Finish)