Struggle for a hundred years, set sail on a new journey, learn from the Party’s history, comprehend thoughts, do practical work, and open a new stage丨PetroChina: Promote the high-quality development of energy with the effectiveness of Party history learning and education

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 14 (Reporter Liu Yangyang) Since the launch of party history learning and education, PetroChina has closely integrated reforms and development with employees’ ideological reality, guiding employees to consciously inherit revolutionary traditions, and promote high energy quality with the effectiveness of party history learning and education. development of.

In the first four months of this year, PetroChina achieved a year-on-year increase of 8.4% in operating income, and its profit reached the best level in the same period in the past seven years.

  “In the course of the struggle of the new China’s petroleum industry, we persisted in carrying forward our party’s fine traditions of self-reliance, hard work, truth-seeking and innovation. Facing the world’s unprecedented changes in a century, the party’s scientific and theoretical guidance and great spiritual support are even more needed for cohesion. It is a powerful force that raises millions of oil employees to unite and forge ahead." said Dai Houliang, secretary of the party group and chairman of the China National Petroleum Corporation.

  The establishment of the PetroChina Yan'an Spirit Research Association and the "Petroleum Spirit" Forum... PetroChina has carried out various and colorful activities.

Yumen Oilfield held the "Petroleum Workers' Heart to the Party" Open Day, Jiangxi Sales to build a Red Army gas station, and Lanzhou Petrochemical to build a petroleum spirit education base.

  Up to now, the CNPC party group has successively carried out 7 special study seminars, 9168 special studies by the party committees of various units; 1,344 internal propaganda groups organized 19,700 propaganda sessions and an audience of 602,100 people.

  CNPC insists on combining the study of party history with the provision of high-quality products and services for the society, organizes party members and cadres of various units to go to the grassroots and service targets, listen to opinions and understand the needs of the masses, and do a solid supply of oil and gas products to provide high Quality energy supply; improve the service quality of gas stations and other window units, and provide the public with more high-quality and convenient services.