Our reporter Zhao Yuhan

  Recently, with the introduction of two new policies, "Three-child release" and "Not using child safety seats will be illegal," child safety seats have received widespread attention.

Some institutions predict that within 5 to 10 years, China's child safety seat industry will usher in a 10- to 20-fold growth, and the market size is expected to increase to nearly 100 billion yuan.

However, for many years, the actual utilization rate of domestic child safety seats has been very low. Many families have bought them and left them unused. If safety seats are to truly protect the children's travel safety, various supporting measures are needed.

I bought a safety seat but didn’t develop a habit

  Mr. Zhang's daughter is three years old this year.

Before the baby was born, the young couple had bought a safety seat when they were buying things, but now, the seat has been placed in the storage room at home as a display.

  "There is no way. Children still sit in safety seats honestly when they are young, but after they are two and a half years old, they have more and more demands. They cry and make noise when they sit on them. In addition, the installation of safety seats takes up too much space in the rear. We couldn't sit down anymore, so we had to take off the seats and install them on occasional long-distance trips." Mr. Zhang felt a little helpless.

  This situation is very common.

Daxiong (a pseudonym), the owner of a Mifold car product store who has been engaged in the sales of safety seats for more than 10 years, told reporters: "At present, families in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities have a purchase rate of 70%, but the ones that can really be used may be less than 40%. , The ratio in other cities is even lower."

  "The reason for not being able to persist is basically because the child is crying, or sitting in a down jacket in winter is too crowded." Daxiong said that with reference to foreign experience, parents have consciously trained their children to sit in safety seats since they were young, and they will not compromise because of crying. Will gradually get used to it.

"In winter, children need to take off their coats and sit in safety seats."

  This month, the "Law on the Protection of Minors" came into effect. Article 18 clearly requires that "measures such as the provision of child safety seats and the education of minors to obey traffic rules shall be adopted to prevent minors from being injured by traffic accidents." "Child safety seat" was written into national legislation for the first time.

  For this legislation, Daxiong felt that it was only the first step, and more detailed penalties need to be formulated in the future.

"At present, in many cities, children will not be punished even if they do not take safety seats. It is difficult to really promote the popularization of safety seats."

The portable safety seat market is popular

  In addition to children crying and refusing to ride, the cumbersome safety seat and occupying too much space in the car have also become the reasons why some families abandon it.

"Because of the second child, I changed to a 7-seater car, but after installing two safety seats, I found that the whole family is still not enough to travel. If this is the third child, I have to buy a gold cup." Citizen Ms. Liu smiled wryly.

  In fact, safety seats also have relatively portable and light options.

Daxiong recalled: "On a trip to Europe, the child must take a safety seat when renting a car. However, renting a safety seat is more expensive, so I bought a portable seat. The seat is folded into a small board. After opening, it can be combined with the seat belt in the car to form a child seat, suitable for children over 3 years old."

  After using this portable safety seat, Daxiong felt that this seat might meet the needs of the Chinese people, so he introduced an Israeli brand.

As she expected, this seat became popular in the market after it was launched, and it has been favored by many families because of its relatively low price, lightness and ease of disassembly.

"At present, the sales of commonly used safety seats we represent may be four to five thousand a year, but the sales of this portable seat exceeded ten thousand last year."

Safety seat industry standards will be upgraded

  Although the actual usage rate is not high, domestic families' acceptance of safety seats has increased significantly in recent years.

“When I first became a brand agency more than 10 years ago, most of the families I bought were returned homes, but now, people in basic big cities are willing to spend this money on their children.” said the person in charge of a safety seat manufacturer.

  The reporter noticed that there are many types of child safety seats of different brands and different prices on the market in my country, with prices ranging from 400 yuan to more than 30,000 yuan.

According to incomplete statistics, online and offline hot-selling items involve more than 200 brands and more than 2,000 styles.

  Why is there such a huge difference in the price of safety seats?

The above-mentioned people frankly said that relatively cheap safety seats are mainly protected by plastic materials, and expensive ones are filled with foam. The safety of the seats largely depends on the material filled inside.

  The current Chinese child safety seat industry standard takes the European ECE R44 standard as a reference.

However, since 2014, Europe has begun to use "upgraded" new regulations to replace the previous standards.

At present, China's child safety seat standards are also undergoing a new round of revision with reference to the new standards.

  As the market heats up, domestic safety seat companies are also growing rapidly.

According to data from Tianyan Check, as of January 2021, the number of companies in my country whose status is surviving, active, or moving out, and whose name or business scope includes "child safety seats" has reached 2,485 (including production and sales companies) .

From a geographical point of view, my country's companies engaged in the child safety seat business are concentrated in the three provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong.

  Experts suggest that after the use of safety seats is included in the regulations, head companies in the industry can be considered to unite to establish industry associations to strictly control quality and enhance the brand influence of domestic child safety seats.