Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, June 15th. On the first trading day after the Dragon Boat Festival, the three major A-share indexes fell, the ChiNext Index fell 1.1%, and more than 2,900 stocks in the two cities fell. cyclical stocks such as major financials, nonferrous metals, and steel Weakening, Hongmeng Concept fell in many stocks; technology stocks, national defense and military industry sectors rose in turn and strengthened against the trend.

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  As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.92% to close at 3,556.56 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.86% to close at 14673.34 points; the ChiNext Index fell 1.10% to close at 3,262.19 points.

  On the board, semiconductors, wine making, industrial machinery, aviation, and electrical appliances saw the largest gains; paper, nonferrous metals, tourism, textiles and apparel saw larger declines.

  The semiconductor industry led the gains, rising 2.50%, among which, National Technology and Rockchip had slightly limited daily limits.

Liquor stocks gained strength in late trading and rose 1.93%. Five stocks such as Willing Liquor and *ST Sino-Portuguese rose by their daily limit. Jiugui Liquor rose more than 5%. Shanxi Fenjiu and Shuijingfang rose more than 3%.

  Hongmeng concept stocks plunged sharply near the end of trading, and closed 4.62% on June 15. 11%, the turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan.

In addition, Jiulian Technology dropped its limit, Wanxing Technology, Advanced Data Communication, ArcherMind Technology, Guohua Net Security and others collectively fell.

  The Guosen Securities Research Report believes that since mid-May, A-shares have ushered in a wave of rapid rise in the market, and the trading volume has picked up significantly, with daily turnover on multiple trading days approaching or exceeding 1 trillion yuan.

The overall median valuation of A-shares rose slightly, and the degree of internal valuation differentiation increased slightly.

Cyclical and financial companies are expected to properly repair their valuations in the short term, leading to further convergence of valuation differentiation.

  As for the market outlook, Shanxi Securities analyzes that, as a whole, the latest consensus expected data to rise sharply has shown its effect. Under the background that market expectations have risen sharply and overall valuations have fallen along with performance, the market will maintain a high level of enthusiasm, and it is expected to continue in the medium term. Maintain an upward trend in shocks.

  The Huatai Securities Research Report stated that short-term indexes are largely driven by sentiment, but ample over-the-counter funds and the decline in cargo-based yields are good for the capital of the stock market. There is little problem with supporting the stock index to continue to run at a high level. The index is expected to continue to maintain a volatile pattern.

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