On the road to entrepreneurship, gain more excitement

  As night fell, on the famous old Bund in Ningbo, bright lights and flags were flying.

High-quality agricultural and sideline products from many countries in Central and Eastern Europe are being exhibited here.

At the booth of the import trading company Seepin City, Alini was busy communicating with tourists and buyers.

She raised her glass. "In Greece, when people raise a glass, they say, "A toast to your health."

  During the second China-Central and Eastern European Countries Expo, Alini was at the main venue during the day in the Greek National Pavilion exhibition area of ​​Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, and rushed to the Old Bund Food Festival in the evening, and she had to take time to participate in many activities.

"I can't tell how many hours I work a day." However, three years ago, she had no idea that she would start a business in China.

  In 2019, because her husband came to teach at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, Alini came to China from Greece together.

After living in Ningbo for a period of time, the restless Alini learned about the Ningbo Central and Eastern European Youth Entrepreneurship Innovation Center (referred to as the "Young Creative Center").

"I see many Chinese girls want to learn Latin dance. I happen to like dance, and I also want to spread Greek traditional dance." Alini opened a dance classroom and became a popular "Little Ai teacher".

After the dance classroom was on track, she cooperated with a Greek friend who was doing trade in Shenzhen to expand the wine and olive oil business to Ningbo.

  With preferential rent, comfortable office environment, complete policies, skills training, and regular on-site consultation, the Youth Innovation Center has given Alini strong support for entrepreneurship.

"It can be said that on the road to entrepreneurship, I was held hands and taken step by step in the right direction."

  Speaking of participating in the China-CEEC Expo, Alini said that China has successfully controlled the epidemic and made it possible to hold large-scale offline exhibitions.

"This is particularly important for trade activities."

  There are prospects for doing business in China, not only because of the large market, but also because of the open mind of consumers.

Alini said that Chinese consumers are willing to try and accept new things.

In the days of working and living in China, Alini felt friendly and safe.

There are always wonderful companions on the road to entrepreneurship.

"I hope to continue working in China, and I also hope that my baby was born in China."

  The Youth Innovation Center, established in 2018, has built a platform for many young people who have entrepreneurial ambitions like Alini.

According to Zhang Dongdong, the head of the Youth Innovation Center, the center has implemented more than 130 projects, covering more than 60 countries, helping more than 200 foreigners find employment, and organizing various exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign small and micro enterprises, teams, and individuals for more than 3,000 people.

Beginning last year, the Youth Innovation Center began to train live broadcast talents and promote products from Central and Eastern European countries by means of live broadcast delivery.

  Murad, an international student from Turkmenistan who graduated from Ningbo University, was one of the first foreign businessmen to settle in the Youth Innovation Center. When Murad started his auto parts business "on his own", his annual sales were only tens of thousands of US dollars. After incubation by the Youth Innovation Center, sales in 2020 will reach 1.5 million US dollars. "The Youth Innovation Center has provided me with a lot of convenience in handling certificates and procedures, and I can also get help with difficulties in life." Recently, he is taking the opportunity of the Expo to connect with buyers from Central and Eastern European countries and plans to sell new products made in China to these countries. Energy vehicles.