, Guiyang, June 13th. Title: Bijie, Guizhou: The first internationally renowned animation company in western China settled down

  Reporter Zhang Yifan

  "The first "hand-made" we produced in Bijie Company will be out of Shenzhen Customs today, and Japanese customers will receive it soon." Lin Lin, general manager of a well-known foreign-funded enterprise in Dongguan, Guangdong, on the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a traditional Chinese festival Jun told reporters on the phone.

  The Bijie company mentioned by Lin Jun is Guizhou Bijie Mingyue Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd., which was established in January 2021. Its parent company is a 100% Japanese-owned enterprise invested by Japan United in China. The main production of classic animation dolls is called "hands". The quality of the PVC mold products produced by the company has always maintained a high reputation in the industry.

The export of Bijie's products means that the first foreign-funded high-end animation production company in western China has been launched.

  Let Lin Jun couldn't help but praise the cycle of Bijie Company from signing to product export, "It's only 5 months! It exceeds the production and construction cycle of any animation production company in the world."

  At the end of November 2020, under the lead of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Lin Jun sent people for the first time to inspect the industrial park in Qixingguan Economic Development Zone, Bijie City, Guizhou Province.

The neat and standardized workshops and supporting equipment are readily available. More importantly, the enthusiasm of the Bijie people moved the inspection team.

Without disturbing any government departments and staff, the expedition team went to the Employment Service Center of the Baiyanglin Sub-district Office in Qixingguan District to consult and learn about human resources. The staff of the center Li Haixia did not know the origin of the other party. Warmly received, introduced in detail the relevant policies and employment needs of the enterprise.

It was this "incidental encounter" that seemed inconspicuous to the outside world, and the expedition team refreshed their understanding of Bijie: "This is the business environment of Bijie."

  What made Lin Jun firmer in investment confidence was Ding Wenhua, director of the agency service center of Qixingguan District Investment Promotion Bureau in Liwan District, Guangzhou, who repeatedly introduced Bijie’s industrial advantages, location advantages and human resources advantages.

  "The day I arrived in Bijie for the first time, it happened that the leaders of Guangdong Province led a delegation to Bijie and the leaders of Guizhou Province held an on-site meeting in Bijie. Zhang Heguo, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qixingguan Economic Development Zone, shook my hand and said,'You must Wait for me! I'll go to the scene and come back immediately after the ceremony. Be sure to wait for me'.” Mentioning the situation at the time, Lin Jun said very moved: “Think about it, this is the best time for the grassroots leaders to meet the provincial leaders. He didn't even care so much, but aimed at the company. I was really moved by this passion."

  Two months after Lin Jun's team first arrived at the Qixingguan area in Bijie, on January 11, 2021, the two parties signed a cooperation agreement, and the company began formal production on February 1.

  Now located in the Bijie Economic Experimental Zone, this company has an existing plant area of ​​13,000 square meters, 36 production lines, and 356 regular employees, including 12 senior professional and technical personnel, 11 engineers, 48 ​​employees with college degree or above, and ordinary employees 285 people.

The reporter saw almost all young people on the production line, "I used to work in Guangdong. After the epidemic, the company reduced the number of workers and returned to my hometown. Now it is about the same as the salary I received in Guangdong. I also saved food, lodging, transportation and other expenses, and the actual income. Much higher." said employee Li Yong.

  According to the plan, the first phase of the company will invest 75 million yuan to solve 400 jobs, and the third phase of the project will start in December 2021. It is planned to increase the investment by 200 million yuan (RMB, the same below), and the plant area will be more than 30,000 square meters. , Solve the employment of 3000 people, and realize the annual sales income of 350 million yuan.

  This is also a microcosm of Guizhou's strengthening of East-West cooperation in poverty alleviation and promoting the deep integration of industries.

According to the Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, since 2016, aid cities in eastern China have invested 11.399 billion yuan in financial aid funds in Guizhou and implemented 5,932 aid projects.

In 2020 alone, 3.99 billion yuan will be invested and 1721 projects will be implemented.

  In terms of promoting the continuous deepening of talent exchanges, the eastern assistance cities have selected a total of 693 party and government cadres to assist in Guizhou, and a total of 3,883 education, medical and other professional and technical personnel have been selected to carry out assistance work in Guizhou Province.

926 party and government cadres and 4,038 professional and technical personnel from Guizhou Province were accepted to study locally.

  In terms of promoting in-depth industrial integration, centering on the "4+" cooperation model of "Eastern Enterprises + Guizhou Resources", "Eastern Headquarters + Guizhou Base", "Eastern R&D + Guizhou Manufacturing", and "Eastern Market + Guizhou Products", there will be 491 companies throughout 2020. Eastern enterprises invested and developed in Guizhou Province, with an actual investment of 37.974 billion yuan.