A new batch of consumer vouchers issuance measures to promote benefits in multiple areas

  Beijing consumption season fully kicks off summer benefits

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Ma Jing) ICBC issued 3.2 million consumer vouchers, and Xiaomi issued 10 million yuan subsidies... In June, the summer consumer welfare in Beijing was upgraded again.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the Beijing consumption season will continue to carry out key activities such as the first launch festival, the night capital, the parent-child festival, the national tide Beijing product festival, the web live contest, and the fun of Beijing cuisine. E-commerce, financial institutions, offline supermarkets, etc. Consumer welfare will be distributed in many areas such as, catering, time-honored brands, automobiles, and home furnishings, so that the benefits will not stop.

  As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, Beijing’s catering industry has launched various new products and strong discounts to enrich citizens’ holiday lives.

More than 3,000 brand restaurants in the city have launched various pre-packaged boxed rice dumplings, with more than 60 different flavors of rice dumplings. Many restaurants have launched theme activities such as pre-ordered dine-in consumption and giving away rice dumplings.

More than 20 time-honored brands under Jude Huatian organized the "Zongqing Dragon Boat Festival" series of beauty food appraisal activities. Time-honored brands such as Quanjude, Bianyifang, and Huatian Group launched online store gift boxes for sale, DIY interactions with zongzi, and zongzi dine-in members buying and giving gifts, etc. Give back activities.

  A new batch of consumer vouchers will also be issued one after another.

Yesterday, ICBC Beijing Branch will launch the "Beijing Faner-ICBC Consumption Season (Sixth Season)" activity. Before August 5, ICBC mobile banking APP will be issued every Friday to the majority of Beijing residents with ICBC consumer vouchers, totaling 320 Ten thousand.

Starting on May 31, JD.com has issued Beijing consumer vouchers in batches, bringing exclusive discounts to Beijing residents.

From June 4th to June 20th, Xiaomi will issue a limited amount of discount coupons for mobile phones, TVs, and washing machines every day, and tens of millions of subsidies will be used for a limited time. After the coupons, up to 400 yuan will be discounted.

  From June 4th, Suning Tesco will issue a batch of 30% discount coupons for LED light consumption to consumers in Beijing, with a maximum subsidy of 150 yuan. At the same time, from June 11th to 20th, Beijing Suning Tesco's all-electric appliance store will fully open the digital RMB Consumers can pay directly when purchasing electrical appliances at all offline stores of Beijing Suning.

All the Dazhong stores carry out special promotional activities around the core categories of electrical appliances such as color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, kitchens and bathrooms.

Beijing Gome has launched a series of promotional activities of “Sale of Ten Thousands of Coupons”, “Essence of Ten Billions of Real Selection Allowances” and “Ten Billions of Real Selection Allowances” through the “Ten Happiness App

Hema will distribute the "149 minus 20" consumer vouchers in two batches from June 12th to 14th and June 17th to 20th.

  With the arrival of summer, the night capital is constantly exciting.

Daxing Greenland Bianfencheng today opened the "Jingnan Nightlife Festival", cooperating with a number of brands and businesses to launch a "10% discount" feast, creating a one-stop brand new fashion experience, and launching a popular late-night check-in place in the Jingnan area.

The second "Late Night Canteen Festival" is also in preparation. It will unite China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, dozens of late night food streets and business districts. Citizens can pick up consumer vouchers online and use them in stores offline. For taste buds, there will be a delicious landmark of check-in on the spot, and there will be band performances and talk shows, which will increase the highlights of night consumption.

  This month, Beijing will also usher in a number of brand first stores and launch new products.

The Beijing Beitou Aegean Shopping Park in Tongzhou District will open its doors on June 18 to welcome customers. It is expected to introduce more than 20 stores in the country, the first store in Beijing, and a collection of high-level concept stores.

The first store of Sports Monster theme park in China will feature the new Zip coaster high-altitude speed skating project.

Beijing Qilitongda Automobile will launch two new models, GS4PLUS and A55 Shadow Leopard.

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  The passenger flow of 52 business districts increased by nearly 40%

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Ma Jing) Since the launch of the "2021 Beijing Consumption Season" on April 28, more than 1,000 business, travel, cultural and sports activities have been carried out, and enterprises have independently issued more than 10 billion consumer subsidies to continue to stimulate market vitality and help the world Consumption center city construction.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that as of June 6, the sales of key enterprises monitored by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce increased by 14.7% compared to 2019, and the city’s 52 key business districts reached 220 million passenger trips, a year-on-year increase of 39.7%.

  Since the start of the consumption season in Beijing, the tens of billions of consumer subsidies have "swords out," and the whole city has started a big consumption promotion.

The Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau organized the "Digital Carnival" digital renminbi pilot event and distributed 200,000 renminbi red envelopes.

E-commerce platforms, commercial enterprises, financial institutions, etc. actively participated in the Beijing consumption season and issued a total of over 10 billion yuan in consumer subsidies.

Beijing Suning.com launched consumer coupons and multiple discounts, achieving a 15% increase in sales of all categories.

  During the consumption season, online and offline brands focus their efforts to stimulate new consumption vitality.

E-commerce companies in this city actively participated in the third national dual-product online shopping festival, with over 160,000 brands and nearly 180,000 stores achieving sales of more than 59 billion yuan.

The second “Beijing Web Live Contest” gathered the city’s new consumer brands, time-honored brands, industrial parks and other related companies, and carried out a series of activities through live broadcasts and cloud exploration stores. The sales of time-honored companies such as Tongrentang, Zhang Yiyuan, and Daoxiangcun were respectively year-on-year Increased by 56.2%, 32.4% and 13%.

Offline consumption also continued to improve, with retail sales in the department store industry increasing by 25.9% year-on-year.

  The Beijing First Launch Festival has helped brands continue to "out of the circle".

Since its launch in China World Mall on April 28, the Beijing First Launch Festival has held more than 10 offline special events, and more than 300 international and local brands have released nearly 10,000 new products. The sales growth of key commercial enterprises has performed well.

  During the opening ceremony of the first launch festival, the passenger flow of China World Mall exceeded 80,000 for two consecutive days, an increase of 125% year-on-year. Hermes' largest flagship store in Beijing and FITURE Magic Mirror's first flagship store in the world brought more than one hundred fashion items for the first time in Beijing.

Beijing has also made every effort to build an all-media platform for the "first show in Beijing". It has introduced more than 50 first stores and flagship stores of brands such as fudi warehouse member stores, and issued 100,000 check-in packages for the first store to help brands "out of the circle" through multiple channels and multiple dimensions.

According to statistics from professional organizations, the number of first stores in Beijing in the first half of the year is expected to reach 400.

  The "Beijing Consumption Season·Night Capital" series of activities are linked in multiple business districts in the city to encourage businesses to postpone their operations. More than 70 night capital theme activities create a new scene of diversified consumption at night.

The first night run across the city in Guijie opened in Guijie, and more than 20 brand merchants including Hu Da Restaurant distributed a total of 10,000 coupons, driving a 60% year-on-year increase in passenger traffic on Guijie.

Beijing Happy Valley launched a night performance of "Sky Light Nights", which received 500,000 tourists and had an operating income of nearly 90 million yuan. During the "May 1st" period, it set a historical single-day revenue record of 10 million yuan.

Huaxi LIVE·Wukesong opened a series of activities such as the "Beijing'xi' Cultural Festival", which drove a 45.5% year-on-year increase in passenger flow in the Wukesong business district.

COFCO·Xiangyun Town launched the "Wonderful Food and Wonderful Enjoy" series of theme activities of the World Food Street, and sales increased by 34.5% year-on-year.

Hopson Kylin Xintiandi held a night market with night maps, with an average daily passenger flow of 34,000.

  According to third-party data, since the start of the consumption season, online catering transactions and transaction orders in Beijing have increased by 65.5% and 63% year-on-year, respectively, and night-time catering transactions have increased by 73% year-on-year.