CJ ENM channel can no longer be viewed on the mobile video service operated by LG U+. This happened because the two sides were unable to narrow the gap between the two sides in negotiating the program fee, but customers who used the service suffered inconvenience.

Correspondent Kim Ki-tae.


All CJ ENM channels have disappeared from the list of real-time broadcasts on LGU+ mobile tv.

There are 10 channels that have been suspended, including tvN, Mnet, and Tooniverse.

The two companies have been negotiating over the program fee CJ ENM provides to LGU+.

An unprecedented event of stopping the transmission occurred as an agreement could not be reached by yesterday (11th), the final negotiation deadline.

The conflict between the two companies started when CJ ENM asked LGU+ to use a U+ mobile TV separate from the existing IPTV.

CJ ENM insists that U+ Mobile TV should be viewed through OTT such as Wave or Netflix.

As the value of content has increased, it cannot be provided for free by bundled with IPTV usage fee.

[Yisuyeon / CJ ENM Corporate Communications Team Director: gonna have OTT is I will not negotiate eopeuni this additional service because profit that provides mobile phone subscribers, we are even now going asking recognizing the value correctly, the OTT-type content]

LGU + is It is the position that U + Mobile TV is a mobile IPTV, not a separate OTT.

He also criticized the demand for a 175% increase in the usage fee compared to the previous year as excessive.

[Kwon Myung-jin / LGU+ Public Relations Planning Team Leader: This interruption of channel supply was caused by CJ's demand for excessive compensation, and CJ should take responsibility. In the future, we will strive to minimize customer inconvenience... .] The Korea

Communications Commission said it would look into whether there were any unfair acts in the negotiation process, saying it is concerned about infringing on people's viewing rights.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)