Chinanews client, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Zhang Xu) Recently, during the taxiing phase of the Hangzhou-Beijing flight, some fans refused to listen to the crew's dissuasion and went to the first class to chase stars, which aroused public attention.

Li Yan, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration.

Photo courtesy of Civil Aviation Administration

  On June 11, Li Yan, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration, stated at a press conference that civil aviation is one of the main ways for the public to travel, and fans often chase stars during celebrity travel.

In the process of chasing stars, some fans did not abide by the relevant regulations of civil aviation safety management, even violated relevant laws and regulations, infringed on citizens' personal information, disrupted the order of airport and flight operations, and brought security risks to civil aviation operations and passenger travel.

  Li Yan said that the Civil Aviation Administration attaches great importance to this.

In 2018, strengthened the guidance and management of fans picking up and following the plane.

After the incident, air security handling guidelines were issued to guide various transportation airlines to carry out their work.

  "According to the "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China", "Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Resident ID Card Law of the People's Republic of China," relevant provisions of The civil aviation public security organs resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as identity documents." Li Yan said.

  According to Li Yan, this year, the Capital Airport Public Security Bureau alone has handled 17 cases involving fans in violation of laws and regulations, with a total of 2 criminal detentions, 10 administrative detentions, 342 administrative fines, and 121 warnings.

  Li Yan said: “In the next step, the civil aviation public security organs will further strengthen the civil aviation society’s public security management and control, and maintain a severe crackdown on illegal behaviors in the process of fans chasing stars; further increase credit punishment, relying on the joint disciplinary mechanism, and the public security organs The punished offenders will be included in the list of severely dishonest persons as appropriate, and they will be restricted from flying on civil aircraft." (End)