China News Service, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Zhang Xu) At 24:00 on June 11, a new round of domestic product oil price adjustment window will open again.

According to agency estimates, the retail price of domestic gasoline and diesel will increase by about 160-180 yuan/ton.

This price adjustment will be the eighth increase in oil prices this year.

Wuhan recommends that car owners refuel at night to reduce ozone pollution.

Photo by Zhang Qin

  Under the influence of the accelerated promotion of the new crown vaccine injection, the market expects that global oil demand will improve, and the OPEC+ alliance continues to insist on the gradual restoration of supply from June to July, which has offset the uncertainty of the market to a certain extent.

  During the current pricing cycle of domestic oil prices, the two major international crude oil futures prices climbed to highs in the past two years. Among them, Brent crude oil futures broke through the $70/barrel mark for the first time, supporting the fluctuation of domestic refined oil retail prices in a positive range Up.

  According to Jinlianchuang's calculations, as of June 10, the ninth working day of this round of pricing cycle, the average price of the reference crude oil product was US$70.65/barrel, and the rate of change was 4.35%.

  According to Li Yan, an analyst at Longzhong Information, domestic refined oil prices were adjusted "seven times, one time, and two strands" during the year. Gasoline was raised by RMB 1,005/ton, and diesel was revised by RMB 970/ton.

The increase is already a high probability event, and this round of price adjustment is expected to be the eighth increase in domestic oil prices this year.

  Li Yan said that the increase in the retail price of refined oil for this round is expected to be around 0.12 yuan per liter, and car owners can fill up their fuel tanks before this Saturday.

  The next round of domestic oil price adjustment window will be opened at 24:00 on June 28.

Li Yan believes that the next round of refined oil price adjustments is expected to have a greater probability.

  However, Jinlianchuang analyst Xi Jiarui believes that the second quarter of each year is the traditional peak season for global crude oil consumption. As the epidemic is under control and the global economy is recovering, crude oil demand will also show a growth trend, which will drive oil prices higher. The retail price of gasoline and diesel in the next round of price adjustments will be slightly raised or stranded.