Distinctive features make diners feel fresh and interesting

  Have you ever checked in the "net celebrity restaurant"?

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  Exquisite store decoration, ingenious dish design, and promotion and sharing by many diners on the Internet have become the "standard" business model of many Internet celebrity restaurants today.

Some trend-seeking consumers like to "check in" at such restaurants, which has promoted the restaurant's "overnight boom".

For Internet celebrity restaurants, being popular is an opportunity, and at the same time, it takes more thought to avoid a flash in the pan.

How do consumers, restaurant operators and online platforms view this issue?

A reporter from this newspaper visited.

  Find the correct positioning and make a distinctive brand

  Beijing's Qianmen Dashilan business district has gathered many Internet celebrity restaurants, and the Manchester United Dream Theater restaurant is one of the new competitors.

The restaurant has only been opened for more than a month, and its rating on the Dianping website quickly rose to five stars, ranking first in the list of western food tastes in Xicheng District, Beijing.

  Red leather chairs, walnut dining tables, white brick walls with trophy patterns printed on them, and huge screens for watching the game. Walking into this restaurant inspired by the special boxes of Old Trafford Stadium in England, the reporter immediately felt A strong football atmosphere.

  To build an Internet celebrity restaurant, you must first have its own characteristics.

In the words of Zhai Shanheng, the director of the restaurant operation of Manchester United Dream Theater, it is to "achieve the ultimate in a single explosion". They integrate football elements into all aspects of the service: the waiter takes the guests to the table and asks, "Do you want to sit in the west?" The stand or the east stand”; the waiter will say “I will repeat the starting lineup for you” when the customer orders the meal and confirms the menu.

The dishes are also closely related to the theme: the beef balls are made into a football shape, and a "green field" is placed underneath the plate; the salad is placed in a special trophy-shaped container, and many customers like to hold this "trophy" to take pictures.

  Zhai Shanheng told reporters: "Our guests are fans above all, so every detail combined with football must be natural and sensible. In addition, the restaurant is located near a famous tourist attraction in Beijing, and many foreign tourists will come to check in. In order to make everyone feel fresh and interesting, we have also designed many games, including the interaction of "toasting together" every night. This creates a relaxed and pleasant dining atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the dining process."

  At the end of last year, the Forbidden City Bingjiao restaurant, which was selected for the first Beijing Internet celebrity check-in list, is most attractive for its unique cultural sense.

  The ice cellar of the Forbidden City was built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty.

The restaurant staff told reporters: “On the premise of fully respecting the existing conditions of the ancient buildings, we have combined with the architectural features of the ice cellar to carry out environmental renovation.” Today, the mottled arched stone dome is equipped with bright crystal chandeliers.

People sitting here to eat, not only can taste delicious food, but also experience the profoundness of history in the interplay of light and shadow.

  The Bingjiao Restaurant has also developed many cultural and creative products based on the cultural connotation carried by the Forbidden City.

The most popular among them is "Spine Beast Ice Cream".

"Roof-ridge beasts are sculptures placed on the ridges of houses and palaces in ancient Chinese traditional buildings. The order of the ridge beasts arranged above the horns and ridges of the Hall of Supreme Harmony is: dragon, phoenix, lion, Tianma..." In the hot summer, while eating ice cream in the shape of a ridge beast, listening to the guide introduce the ancient architectural culture is also the purpose of many customers to check in here.

  Platform help, serve consumers together

  The birth of the Internet celebrity restaurant is inseparable from the help of the network platform.

  "When you go out to eat, especially when traveling to other places, to find delicious things, I will definitely check out the apps like Dianping Dianping and Xiaohongshu first." Su Lin is a sophomore and she likes to experience different things. The Internet celebrity restaurant will write a review seriously after eating.

The list of recommended merchants on various online platforms is exactly from the scores and comments of users like Su Lin.

  Take the Dianping Must Eat List as an example. Last year's list was based on the comprehensive selection of 160 million consumer reviews contributed by 28 million users, which became a reference for many consumers to choose restaurants.

The "Food Consumption Data Report" released by the "Must Eat List" in 2020 shows that "post-90s" diners will check in at least once a month on the "Must Eat List".

  "Regardless of whether the business cooperates with Dianping, it will not affect the results of the selection." The relevant person in charge of Dianping told reporters that because of the recognition of the credibility of the list, the merchants believe that this is not only an honor, but also a responsibility and responsibility. Take charge.

"For merchants, being on the list will not only bring more traffic and business, but even become an Internet celebrity restaurant in the eyes of consumers. More importantly, it will also encourage them to improve their service quality and enhance their business capabilities. Some merchants are on the list. After the rankings, more professional training and guidance were provided for employees to better serve customers."

  Zhai Shanheng said that he usually values ​​the user reviews on various platforms, "The ability to receive guest feedback intuitively through the platform, whether it is good or bad, is very important for us to improve our service." He believes that Internet celebrity restaurants should be formed on the same platform. Positive interaction, together to bring consumers a better dining experience.

  Taste is king, food safety is the bottom line

  Some netizens joked that “meal can be skipped, but photos must be taken” when consuming at Internet celebrity restaurants.

But according to Su Lin's observation, it is generally difficult for Internet celebrity restaurants to last for a long time.

“If I just want to take good-looking photos, I can go to scenic spots and parks, but there is no need to go to restaurants. Not only will I not go to an Internet celebrity restaurant with bad food and low cost performance, I will also suggest that my relatives and friends also'lightning protection'. "

  The dishes at the Bingjiao Restaurant in the Forbidden City are traditional Beijing dishes, such as roast duck and fried noodles.

However, in order to attract customers, the restaurant's coffee shop provides a "hidden menu" that has been popular among young people in recent years. Through this special menu, customers can try new flavors of drinks.

Many people will look up guides on the Internet and come to drink a cup of "hidden" latte in the ice cellar.

  Zhai Shanheng said that the core of the restaurant's foothold is first of all the quality of the dishes.

"The executive chef of the restaurant has 13 years of experience. In order to make the dishes more suitable for the public, we spent half a year trying the dishes and continuously improving them. For example, when making English snacks, fish and chips, we innovatively add them to the batter. With beer, the fish will be crisper and more fragrant. We will update the menu every month, all in order to win in taste."

  "Taste is the angle that users pay most attention to, and delicious is the last word." said the relevant person in charge of Dianping.

"No matter how the net red restaurant is packaged, the focus is always on taste for consumers."

  In addition, ensuring food safety is the bottom line that Internet celebrity restaurants must adhere to.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision launched a "random inspection of restaurants", focusing on key aspects related to food safety, such as kitchen environmental sanitation, purchase inspection, personnel health management, and cleaning and disinfection of tableware.

It is understood that this work will continue throughout the year, and the problem of the online image of the Internet celebrity restaurant being inconsistent with the offline food safety status will also be the focus of inspection.

  Experts pointed out that some Internet celebrity restaurants have the mentality to make quick money and invest a lot of resources in marketing, packaging, dining environment and other aspects, ignoring the most core elements of the catering industry such as taste and food safety.

Internet celebrity restaurants should not emphasize "face" and light "lizi".

The shelf life of "red" depends on the safety and quality of the tongue.

Li Zhen

Li Zhen

Li Zhen