Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, June 11 (Dong Wenbo) The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching, which coincides with the opening of a new round of price adjustment window for domestic refined oil products today (11th) at 24:00.

Based on the forecasts of many institutions, this round of domestic refined oil prices will likely rise. This will be the eighth increase this year. Remember to refuel before the holiday.

  New latitude and longitude in the data map

  During this round of pricing cycle, global energy demand is strong, and OPEC+ on the supply side has decided to maintain the July expansion plan unchanged. Crude oil prices, known as the "king of commodities", have been boosted by an overall upward trend, breaking through for the first time in nearly three years. US$70/barrel.

Bank of America even stated that crude oil prices are expected to climb to $100/barrel within three years.

  The upward revision of refined oil retail end is expected to continue to expand as a result.

Regarding the adjustment range, the data monitoring model of Zhuo Chuang Information calculated that as of the close of June 9th, the reference crude oil change rate for the 9th working day in China was 3.86%, corresponding to an increase of RMB 165/ton for gasoline and diesel, and the price adjustment window was 24 on June 11 Time.

Calculated according to this range, 92# gasoline will increase by 0.13 yuan/liter, and 0# diesel will increase by 0.14 yuan/liter.

  Zhongyu Information stated that as of June 10, crude oil was estimated at US$69.268/barrel, which was +2.696 US$/barrel compared to the benchmark price. The rate of change of crude oil was 4.05%, corresponding to a range of 155 yuan/ton.

Longzhong Information also said that as of June 9th, the comprehensive rate of change in crude oil was 4.59%, which is expected to correspond to an increase of 155 yuan/ton.

  According to the client of Sino-Singapore Jingwei, there have been ten rounds of domestic refined oil price adjustments this year, including seven increases, one decrease, and two strandings. The price of gasoline has been increased by RMB 1,005/ton, and the price of diesel has been increased by RMB 970. /Ton.

  After the implementation of this round of price adjustments, the price adjustment of refined oil products in 2021 will show a pattern of "eight ups, one down and two stranded".

  Longzhong Information analyst Li Yan said that in terms of retail, the gasoline prices of 92# and 95# at Sinopec gas stations in Shandong are currently 6.74 and 7.23 yuan/liter respectively, and the current round of retail price increases are around 0.12 yuan/liter.

From the perspective of gas station retail, the preferential policies are still continuing.

The retail price of gasoline in private gas stations is 0.4-0.6 yuan per liter lower than that of main gas stations.

  In accordance with the "ten working days" principle, the next round of price adjustment window will be opened at 24:00 on June 28, 2021.

Li Yan's analysis pointed out that the United States may lift its sanctions on Iran in mid-to-late June, and the pressure to increase supply will increase. It is expected that there will be a greater probability of lower refined oil prices.

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