Time-honored brands turned into "new domestic products" and a strong rise

  Let young people fall in love with the traditional four treasures of the study, and leverage the e-commerce to transform from high music and oligarch to elegant and popular, and Wufangzhai, which launched a joint Zongzi gift box with King Glory... This year's "618", the traditional time-honored brand has been transformed and innovated frequently and polished. Time-honored brands with new signs have risen strongly, and the "national tide" of the revival of traditional culture has become a beautiful landscape.

  "Moxiang" floats into the hearts of young people

  Have you ever tried to write calligraphy like this?

There is no need to dip the ink, the ink on the brush is continuous, and the writing is smooth and dripping, all in one go.

In the e-commerce flagship store of the time-honored Rongbaozhai brand, a water brush called Xiaoguan has attracted many young buyers since its launch last year.

  "Xiaoguan" is just one of the many best-selling products in Rongbaozhai's flagship e-commerce store.

"On the first day of this year's '618', our sales on Tmall increased by 130% over the same period last year." said Xie Tianlong, head of Rongbaozhai e-commerce flagship store business.

  From 2013 to 2014, when the high-end gift market shrank, Rong Baozhai, which was mainly engaged in calligraphy and painting auctions, stationery and the high-end market, was affected by this and its performance declined.

"The decision of the group leadership, we have to adjust and transform, and do e-commerce." Xie Tianlong recalled the "critical moment" at that time.

  In 2015, Rongbaozhai launched a mainstream e-commerce platform.

To move from the high-end market to e-commerce, it is necessary to complete the transformation from high-quality and low-quality to a shared appreciation of the refined and popular.

The most critical step is to grasp the hearts of young people.

  "For example, the artistic conception of traditional Chinese ink painting is very important, but modern young people are more impatient. Many young people like Western realistic style. We will combine the preferences of young people to make them seem to like it at first glance, and then slowly start to understand the tradition. Culture." he said.

Rong Baozhai’s design team chose to extract some unique elements from the works of well-known calligraphy and painting masters, and after incorporating certain modern aesthetic elements, a unique IP was formed. “It retains a certain degree of professionalism, so that professionals will not feel that it is low. (Low-end), it also makes certain adjustments in conjunction with the public's aesthetics, so that the people will also like it."

  The e-commerce platform also provides powerful big data support for time-honored brands to understand the minds of the younger generation of consumers.

According to Tmall data, the majority of consumers in the flagship store of Rongbaozhai are women aged 35 to 45. These "mothers" have young and old, and they make and pay for the consumption decisions of the whole family.

  Mothers with children are worried about the cleaning problem after the ink is spilled on their children. Rong Baozhai provides these customers with customized and unique ink cleaning after-sales consulting services.

In order to facilitate the needs of some calligraphy enthusiasts in fast-paced work, the brush should not be too heavy. They also cooperated with the craftsman to launch a built-in ink sac.

The tap water brush "small tube", which is as easy to carry as a fountain pen, is a big success without the trouble of repeatedly dipping the brush in ink.

  In this year's "618", Rong Baozhai also launched a "family style" gift box that revives the traditional family culture, using innovative gift forms to awaken people's desire to return to traditional culture.

Xie Tianlong predicts that Rongbaozhai’s e-commerce sales will reach 80 million yuan this year, an increase of over 10 million yuan over last year.

  "Generation Z" favors time-honored brands and new flavors

  Entering May, the temperature is rising, and the sale of cold drinks is booming.

Mr. Chen, the forklift driver, wore cotton clothes and entered and exited the cold storage no less than a hundred times a day.

A large part of these new products being kept in storage are ready to be exported overseas.

Last year, the white rabbit ice cream has successfully entered the markets of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other markets and is very popular.

  In order to firmly grasp the 16- to 25-year-old generation Z consumer group, time-honored brands have started the "reverse age" model.

The white rabbit making toffee created toffee ice cream, perfume, and shower gel. Tongrentang, famous for donkey-hide gelatin, launched a facial mask, and Luzhou Laojiao, which has brewed more than a hundred years of old wine, also released perfumes... the time-honored brand played cross-border , Co-branded, created a large number of new concept Internet celebrity products, and successfully achieved "reverse growth".

  From the perspective of consumption data, Gen Z favors the innovations of time-honored brands.

During the "618" period of JD.com, generation Z accounted for 46% and 41% of the sales volume of perfumes and shower gels innovatively launched by White Rabbit. In the composition of Tongrentang's facial mask sales, generation Z accounted for 23%.

Overall, during JD’s “618” period, the sales of “post-95s” buying time-honored brand products increased by 315% year-on-year, much higher than their parents.

  Approaching young people is becoming the "reverse growth" password recognized by time-honored brands.

Taking time-honored brands in the cosmetics field as an example, the proportion of "post-95" fans of domestic brands such as Xie Fuchun, Kong Fengchun, and Meganet has exceeded 30%, and Xie Fuchun has more than 40%, significantly surpassing international brands such as Estee Lauder and Lancome.

In Xie Tianlong’s view, while the consumption of contemporary young people is gradually escalating, they have become more recognized with domestic products and the style of the national trend. The better the market."

  To catch up with the "national tide" needs to be integrated into modern life

  The sparks that time-honored brands and generation Z young consumers have touched on this year's "618" are not only the "national aesthetics" fashion behind them, and the digital-intelligent social supply chain's assistance to the innovation and upgrading of time-honored and domestic brands.

  "For some high-priced products, from the perspective of operating costs, it is impossible for us to maintain too much inventory." The pre-sale play under the new retail has solved this problem of Rongbaozhai.

Before the "618" officially went on sale, JD.com and Tmall launched pre-sales half a month in advance.

Xie Tianlong said that judging sales through pre-sales can help companies organize production well in advance, expand sales and improve customer experience, while stabilizing the security of the company's capital chain.

  "618" has become a big test for many brands to intensively accept market testing.

Judging from the recent pre-sales and openings of the "618" on multiple e-commerce platforms, a large number of Chinese time-honored brands and newly-emerging national trend brands have risen rapidly, and domestic products have exploded strongly.

  According to data from JD.com, from May 21 to June 8, the sales of more than 338 time-honored brands doubled.

Time-honored brands such as Wufangzhai, Guangming, Haitian, Yunnan Baiyao, and Tsingtao Brewery occupy the forefront of the sales list. As the Dragon Boat Festival coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival, the sales of Wufangzhai have increased by more than 10 times year-on-year.

  According to Tmall data, there are currently 1,128 time-honored enterprises in China, of which nearly 800 have settled on Tmall.

Since 2019, since Tmall launched the "New Domestic Products Plan", more than 200 old and depressed brands have doubled their sales on Tmall.

In 2020, nearly 60 time-honored brands have sold more than 100 million yuan on Tmall.

  By accelerating integration with modern life, these time-honored brands have met the diverse needs of consumers and captured a large number of young consumer groups.

It is worth noting that whether it is the ink in Beijing, the wine in Sichuan, the dim sum in the south of the Yangtze River, or the herbal tea in Guangdong, the time-honored brands have not forgotten to inherit the heritage of traditional culture and ancient skills in the process of constantly introducing new ones. More room for development is being opened up.