China-Singapore Jingwei Client, June 10th, Thursday, A shares closed up, the Shanghai Stock Exchange stood at 3,600 points, and the turnover of the two markets exceeded one trillion yuan.

CATL, BYD, Longji, and COSCO SHIPPING Holdings soared; Hongmeng concept stock Runhe Software closed the daily limit at the opening in the afternoon, with an increase of nearly 270% since May, and domestic software broke out completely.

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  As of the close, the Shanghai Index reported 3,610.86 points, an increase of 0.54%, with a turnover of 442.117 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 1,4893.59 points, an increase of 1.19%, with a turnover of 560.146 billion yuan; the Growth Enterprise Market Index reported 3285.51 points, an increase of 2.43%.

  On the disk, software stocks were closed in batches, and the new energy, photovoltaic, and semiconductor shipping sectors soared. CATL, BYD, Longi, and COSCO Shipping Holdings soared.

  The software service sector soared 4.76%. Among individual stocks, Runhe Software once again rose by its daily limit. 16 stocks including Puyuan Information, Kelan Software, and Wanxing Technology rose by their daily limit. ArcherMind Technology and Capital Online followed the rise.

  In terms of conceptual sectors, domestic software, remote office, operating systems, RCS concepts, and cloud computing have increased significantly; aquatic products, sand management, ST sector, and combustible ice have the largest declines.

  Domestic software concepts led the gains, and individual stocks set their daily limit waves. More than 30 stocks such as Beixinyuan and Xinchen Technology had their daily limit.

  On the whole, a total of 2,157 stocks in the two cities rose, among which many stocks such as New Japan, Blue Shield, and Dawn Airlines rose by more than 5%.

In 2021, individual stocks fell, of which ST Red Sun, ST Jiajia, ST Rock and other stocks fell more than 5%.

In terms of turnover rate, a total of 52 stocks have a turnover rate of more than 20%, of which Jiulian Technology has the highest turnover rate, reaching 60.73%.

  Soochow Securities Research Report believes that the index continues to adjust slowly amidst turbulence, and the general trend has not changed. The current adjustment is benign, but it still takes time for the high-end varieties to return to the lagging hot spots. You can pay attention to the new hot spots in the market. form.

  Guosheng Securities analyzed that since the end of May, with the marginal improvement of the liquidity environment, expectations of RMB appreciation have strengthened, market sentiment has clearly recovered, and turnover has remained at a high level. At the same time, due to the performance vacuum period, industry rotation has accelerated significantly.

Entering June, as the interim report performance forecast has been disclosed one after another, the market has begun to interpret the interim report performance market.

Therefore, operationally, it is necessary to control the overall position before an effective breakthrough. When a short-term retracement is gaining momentum, do not chase the rise. It is appropriate to buy low. The key layout is expected to continue high growth or exceed expectations in the interim performance.

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