The graduation season is coming, the rental market welcomes a small peak

  It is another year of graduation season, and the Beijing rental market is also undergoing changes.

According to the data of I Love My Family Research Institute, in May, the transaction volume of housing leasing in Beijing increased by 12.9% month-on-month, which has exceeded the peak season of March by 2.5% month-on-month, setting a new high for the year.

This year, the Beijing rental market finally ushered in a small peak during the graduation season.

  Tenant: regret not paying the deposit

  "Sorry, the exquisite studios here are fully booked..." Chen Hong (pseudonym) opened the rental software and saw the message from the apartment housekeeper in the message list.

  Strictly speaking, Chen Hong is not a graduate.

This summer, as a sophomore in Zhuhai, she found a substantial internship, which will be a highlight of her resume.

However, when this "greenhouse flower" steps out of the ivory tower for the first time, it will face the not easy problem of renting a house.

  In Danling Street in New Zhongguan, Internet companies and educational institutions gather here, and there are many tall buildings. Chen Hongxin yearns for it and is determined to make a big splash here.

After hearing about the "rental experience" taught by the seniors, she decided to arrange a residence one month in advance.

For commuting convenience, she chose a long-term rental apartment in Xizhimen.

A small studio of only about 20 square meters, including service fees, costs 4,500 yuan a month.

  As a renter in a different place, Chen Hong can only learn about the room through video.

For fear of unrevealed "malfunctions" in the house, Chen Hong did not adopt the butler's suggestion of "delivering a deposit".

"After paying the deposit, it takes three days to see the house, and if there is no contract, the deposit will not be refunded." Chen Hong recalled.

  Since there is still an exam at the end of June, Chen Hong cannot come to Beijing for the time being, so he wants his family to go to the house instead.

  However, the next day, Chen Hong saw the message from the housekeeper and was told that the house had been rented out.

At this time, she began to regret that she hadn't paid the deposit.

  "There is no way to look at the house in time, nor to pay the deposit easily, and I am afraid that the money will be "floating". I hope to find a satisfactory house soon." Chen Hong's experience of the demand for high-quality rental housing can also be seen in the data.

According to the data of I Love My Home Research Institute, in May, the number of new housing rentals in the Beijing area of ​​I Love My Home increased by 0.3% month-on-month and decreased by 37.3% year-on-year; the number of new customers increased by 4.1% month-on-month and 15.4% year-on-year.

  According to the above data, in the same period, the growth rate of new rental housing volume is far less than the growth rate of new customer sources.

According to the above-mentioned research institute data, in May the amount of sightings in the Beijing area also increased slightly from the previous month, the tenant ratio continued to narrow, and the contradiction between supply and demand increased.

Real estate agency: Fortunately, this year

  "You are the fifth group I took to watch today. I also made an appointment with a customer in the evening." Li Shan (pseudonym) said to the customer in the elevator of the rental room.

  Li Shan is a watch broker of a real estate agency in Xicheng.

The intermediary organization she works for has housing listings in two popular neighborhoods nearby.

Although the scope of business is not large, she has recently "run and broke her leg" because of watching, "sometimes she can't eat a bite for lunch", she said, "Generally speaking, customers who inspect the house look at the roof twice more. The contract will be signed. Hesitate today, and someone else will live in tomorrow."

  Of course, there are those who move, and there are those who move.

In the past two months, Li Shan's customer contracts have also been interrupted.

"The rent in this community has basically been slightly increased. A small studio of about 25 square meters, less than 3,000 yuan six months ago, can now be sold for 3200 yuan."

  Such a small increase is not obvious.

In the more popular sector, many houses rose by more than 500 yuan.

  Li Shan recalled: "The rents have been fluctuating recently, and there must be people withdrawing because of the price. But according to my work situation in the past two months, I still don’t worry about rent for a good house, and even rely on “grabbing”. Point, and the tenant who just got off work asked me to take a look."

  Li Shan's statement may not be groundless.

In May, the average rent per square meter in the entire lease transaction in the Beijing area of ​​I Love My Home increased by 1.8% month-on-month and 6.7% year-on-year, which was a slight increase of 1.5% from May 2019; the average rent per unit rose by 2.2% month-on-month, year-on-year Increased by 5.9%.

  "The epidemic in Beijing last year did have a lot of impact on us, but fortunately, I survived." Li Shan said.

  Analysis: The market basically returns to its pre-epidemic level

  The Beijing leasing market seems to be picking up.

In the graduation season last year, under the influence of the epidemic, the rental market did not usher in the expected "peak".

Will the current "recovery" continue?

  According to the data of I Love My Family Research Institute, after the Spring Festival this year, the leasing market in Beijing has shown an upward trend.

The traditional rental peak season in March came as scheduled, the market fell slightly in April, and rose slightly in May, and there will be significant growth in the graduation season in June and July.

At the same time, with the increase in transaction volume, rents have also begun to rise steadily.

According to the analysis of the Institute, in the short term, although the current rent is higher than the same period in 2020, it is basically the same as the same period in 2019 without the impact of the epidemic. It is expected that the Beijing housing rental market this year will follow the market in a normal year without the impact of the epidemic. The operation law, the overall market performance tends to be stable.

  Talking about the reasons, an industry insider said that in the past few years, the supply status of the Beijing leasing market has changed.

"The number of houses for old reforms and resettlement is increasing, and while the supply is increasing, the rental price will also maintain a relatively stable state." At the same time, the industry insider believes that the quality of rental products and the compliance of the rental market , Will take another step to promote the improvement of supply-side service quality.

  "Actually, under the positioning of'housing to live without speculation', the leasing market has also been regulated. Short-term rent fluctuations and supply imbalances are normal phenomena, and the increase in rents will also be controlled within a reasonable range, and will not stay in the market. High. Therefore, tenants do not have to worry." The industry insider said.

Text/Qi Yue