After the 15th of every month

Late payment of "Etisalat" and "du" bills appears in the credit report electronically

There is a “code” in the credit report that shows the bills due to “Etisalat” or “du”.


The overdue invoices of the Emirates Telecommunications Group Company (Etisalat) and “du” of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company appear in the customer’s credit report after the 15th of each month electronically, while the banks stop approving any financing until the full amounts due to the two companies are paid and the data is updated. And then this appears in the credit report, and in case the update is delayed, the banks are satisfied with bringing the payment invoice to approve the financing.

According to a copy of the credit report, which "Emirates Today" reviewed, it was found that there is a "code" in which all bills due to "Etisalat" or "du" appear as late monthly obligations.

The banker, Tamer Abu Bakr, said that the banks inquire about the customer’s overdue obligations, including water, electricity and communications bills, explaining that arrears are usually not sent to Al-Etihad Credit Information Company until after the due date of payments every month, which is scheduled on the 15th, and after several days and with the interruption of services The arrears appear immediately electronically in the credit report until the customer pays everything he owes, and then the data is updated automatically through the link.

He added that in the event of delay in updating the information for any reason, banks will suffice with a copy of the payment receipt to attach it with the documents required to approve the financing.

Abu Bakr added, that it is better for the customer to commit to paying telecommunications and home internet bills and other related bills so that they do not accumulate on him, and constitute a burden for him if he wishes to deal with banks by taking personal financing or a credit card or buying a car.

It is noteworthy that since last March, Etisalat and Du have joined the list of subscribers to the services of Al Etihad Credit Bureau.

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