China Net Finance, May 28 (Reporter Guo Weiying) With the advent of the digital economy era, digitalization has become a broad consensus.

The digital transformation of enterprises continues to deepen, and the new crown epidemic sweeping the world in 2020 has accelerated the digitalization process of various industries.

  As one of the earliest companies operating insurance business in China, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Life") has accumulated more than 500 million customers, more than 1.4 million salesmen, and a team of salesmen all over the country after more than 70 years of operation. Marketing service outlets in urban and rural areas.

How to use technology to amplify these traditional competitive advantages, become more competitive in traditional life insurance and emerging life insurance companies, become a leader in the wave of insurance digital transformation and transformation, and become the primary goal of China Life's technology construction.

  In this regard, China Life said that China Life is based on “Smart, Agile, Iterative”, firmly grasps the digital trend, continues to pursue business model innovation, fully implements the “Technology China Life” construction three-year action, and focuses on the core of life insurance business. Customer-centric, with production units as the focus, actively carry out technological innovation, continue to strengthen technological empowerment, promote the intelligent upgrade of the insurance value chain, build an insurance digital ecosystem, and make every effort to promote digital transformation.

After nearly two years of construction, life insurance technology has taken on a new look, and the digital transformation has achieved outstanding results, becoming one of the important driving forces for the company's high-quality development.

  Leading business model innovation with platform capabilities

  In January 2019, China Life put forward the full implementation of the "Rejuvenation of China Life" strategy and proposed the road direction of "Three Transformations, Four Types, and Three Modernizations".

Among them, make every effort to build a "four-type" enterprise, namely, a party-building-leading, value-first, technology-driven, and service-excellent enterprise, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in comprehensive management, technological innovation, and international layout "three modernizations" .

  In March 2019, the "Technology China Life" three-year construction action plan was also released.

Words such as technology-driven and technological innovation have been repeatedly mentioned, and China Life's determination to transform science and technology can also be seen.

  As a leading company in the Chinese life insurance market, how to quickly find a breakthrough and quickly realize the "elephant turn" is also an important issue for China Life.

  China Life said that China Life regards platform-based business capabilities as an important focus and breakthrough point for China Life, focusing on open sharing and ultimate experience, building a digital platform, strengthening ecological resource convergence, personalized consumer connections, and diversified marketing. The interaction of partners promotes the enhancement of the company's commercial value.

  Focus on experiencing innovative digital insurance services.

Taking the offline digital workplace as the fulcrum, build an online digital platform (EAC) to realize online and offline integration of social customer access and service provision, break the time and space limitations of traditional connections, and form a new digital insurance business model with China Life's characteristics .

Create a digital workplace offline, use the Internet covering the national workplaces as tentacles, deploy smart hardware devices that adapt to multiple scenarios and wireless interconnection, provide data services anytime, anywhere, and achieve 30,000 workplaces across the country (including branches and marketing service departments) Automatic Internet access, intelligent perception and digital presentation have turned the front-line production units into customer experience centers and networking centers, marketers’ growth centers and entrepreneurship centers, and the company’s brand centers and influence centers, effectively addressing the last stage of insurance services. The problem of kilometers.

Build a digital platform online, use digital technology to accurately capture the explicit and implicit needs of customers, focus on the needs of customer protection scenarios, provide insurance ecological services to the front end of the service, and promote the transformation of customer access to high-frequency strong connections, and provide customers with more convenient and Efficient and precise financial and insurance services.

  Focus on openness and create an insurance digital ecosystem.

Relying on the digital platform to integrate sales, services, transactions, management, risk control, office collaboration, and other 6 categories of services covering the company's operating value chain, realize the opening of internal professional services, data services, and basic services, and aggregate external resources For my use, internal and external links are used to promote multilateral interactions between internal and external, upstream and downstream partners.

Based on the digital platform, the company launched more than 740 innovative micro-applications, and carried out nearly 170,000 services and activities with various cooperative organizations.

Through ecological extension and scene integration, the seamless connection of life, insurance, and services is realized, and a richer and diversified insurance ecosystem is gradually established. While providing customers with one-stop and comprehensive services, it also increases the independence of the main business for customers. The attractiveness of choice.

  Embrace the future of digital insurance with an open architecture

  How will the "Technology China Life" strategy be implemented in detail?

China Life said that there are three main aspects: building a powerful China Life hybrid cloud, forming an open and compatible technical architecture, and building a ubiquitous and interconnected China Life Internet of Things.

  Build a hybrid cloud of China Life with strong computing power.

Based on the concept of cloud computing, China Life plans and implements a complete IT layout of “large back-end + small front-end”, innovates the traditional IT infrastructure, and combines the three centers in Beijing and Shanghai to form a private cloud in a multi-active way, seamlessly connecting with public cloud resources. Build a safe, green, and flexible China Life Hybrid Cloud. The front-end applications are quickly deployed on the public cloud, and the back-end data is safely stored in the private cloud. It has the advantages of flexibility, flexibility, safety and reliability, and realizes the flexible supply and deployment of resources. "Switching, greatly improving data security and computing capabilities, effectively reducing operating costs and production energy consumption, and providing powerful computing power support for the digital platform.

For example, during the epidemic, relying on the advantages of China Life Hybrid Cloud's elastic scaling, convenience, speed, safety and reliability, and uninterrupted operation, the cloud video capacity can be expanded by 3 times in 4 hours, and the core business system can be expanded by 6 times in 2 hours, which is fast and effective. It has responded to the explosive growth of Internet applications such as mobile office, remote collaboration, and online sales.

  Form an open and compatible technical architecture.

China Life has designed and implemented a more inclusive and adaptable hierarchical technology architecture. Through unified interface standards, it realizes the hybrid integration of multiple technologies, and flexibly provides various business capabilities in a modular manner, as well as artificial intelligence and real-time computing. technical skills.

Through the two-way API open platform deployed in the hybrid cloud environment, units at all levels and external partners can make full use of internal and external high-quality technical resources, flexibly combine various innovative applications and service functions around business scenarios, and activate internal and external digital capabilities. Achieve a shared win-win situation.

  Build a ubiquitous and interconnected China Life Internet of Things.

In order to meet the needs of users for network access, China Life has built an extensive network-wide interconnection environment. Through 30,000 dedicated Internet lines and an interconnection network with a total bandwidth of 800G, the high-efficiency and flat mobile Internet network is extended to all levels of management agencies and basic-level outlets. The cost is greatly reduced, and the bandwidth is increased by 5-10 times, forming a direct information highway.

Using cloud video, big data, and multi-screen interactive technology, 26,000 combat units and more than 3,600 command centers have been built into a flat, efficient, and overall unified combat system, which effectively supports internal and external cross-domain video conferences at any time. Wanfang/time concurrent access and millions of online live broadcasts on demand.

Create online digital copies of offline workplaces through technologies such as automatic Internet access, intelligent perception, and digital presentation, and realize the “super workplace + digital twin” model. Data-driven digital large screens and cloud data provide the company The management, internal staff, and workplace supervisors display the operating conditions of the workplace in real time and support intelligent management and control of the workplace.

  Enabling the insurance value chain with digital technology applications

  The accumulation of long-term historical data, the effect of Internet connectivity and the full application of digital technologies have laid a solid foundation for China Life's all-round digital transformation.

China Life said that the transformation of "Technology China Life" will fully empower sales, service, and operations.

  Empower sales innovation and development momentum.

China Life's technology and business are effectively linked, committed to using digital technology to innovate the form of business, opening up the entire process of personal insurance to increase staff online, innovating online intelligent sales training, launching intelligent real-time performance reports in the workplace, etc., to promote sales more intelligent, accurate and convenient .

In 2020, China Life will have 155,000 online training sessions for AI smart sales, with a total of 11.1 million people trained; live broadcast morning meetings, cloud innovation conferences, product sales fairs, etc. will bloom, reaching an average of 2,200 daily sessions during the epidemic; “Golden Treasure 2.0” will be fully upgraded, Power precision marketing with more powerful intelligent algorithms.

  Enabling services to enjoy a convenient experience.

China Life has continuously strengthened the digital upgrade of customer experience, accelerated the innovation of online service content and methods centered on customers, and rapidly improved online service capabilities and business digital processing capabilities.

During the epidemic, quickly respond to the establishment of a "Service Zone for Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic", integrate high-quality third-party resources, and provide seven health services including rapid COVID-19 testing, online free consultations, and epidemic prevention; launch a new single underwriting full-process contactless service, which is newly created" "Air customer service", customers can connect to air tellers anytime and anywhere with one key, and can handle business intimately without leaving home.

Build a direct payment network covering more than 20,000 medical institutions across the country, and provide customers with more than 5 million direct claims services throughout the year; online insurance single inspection, a comprehensive and visual presentation of customers' family insurance rights and protection needs, and provide intimate customer preferences Reference, to further promote the interaction between sales staff and customers.

  Enabling operations to accelerate smart upgrades.

China Life has integrated artificial intelligence technology into all aspects of operation and management to effectively improve operational efficiency and prevent operational risks.

In 2020, the company's personal long-term insurance business paperless insurance coverage rate reached 99.9%, the group business paperless insurance coverage promotion rate reached 97.9%, and the smart underwriting and security business automatic review pass rates reached 92.7% and 99%, respectively. The replacement rate of chemical return visits reached 92%.

Establish a health insurance smart claims model based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, covering 5 categories and 19 key risk categories to make claims more efficient and convenient; implement marketers’ smart risk management and control, and build anti-money laundering suspicious smart discovery and smart verification capabilities. Effectively solve the pain points of "difficulty in discovery and verification" in anti-money laundering work.

  China Life stated that, standing at the new starting point of the "14th Five-Year Plan", China Life will deeply grasp the new requirements, new missions and new tasks given to insurance companies in the new development stage, actively participate in the tide of digital transformation, and be guided by technological self-reliance and self-reliance. Continue to further promote the digital transformation of the company's operations, continue to innovate business models, and provide more efficient and higher-quality services.