China News Service, Nanjing, June 10 (Xu Shanshan) On the 9th, the first Huaihe Chinese Business Conference in Huai'an, China opened in Huai'an, Jiangsu.

At the Huaihe Eco-Economic Belt Food Industry Chain Alliance Summit, the Huaihe Eco-Economic Belt Food Industry Chain Alliance was formally established at the branch venue. The alliance attracted 150 food companies along the Huai River to join.

  Among these 150 companies, a group of top 100 food companies and well-known food brands have gathered, focusing on industries such as grain and oil, meat processing, wine, snack food, deep processing of agricultural products, and modern cold chain logistics. They have a wide range of industries. , Representativeness, participation and closeness.

  Zhang Guoliang, deputy secretary of the Huai’an Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that the holding of the Huaihe Eco-economic Belt Food Industry Chain Alliance Summit is not only a concrete action to promote the implementation of the Huaihe Eco-economic Belt national strategy, but also a coordinated development of superior characteristic industries with brother cities in the Huaihe River Basin and creating a model for regional coordinated development. Innovation.

  It is understood that the Huaihe Eco-economic Belt Food Industry Chain Alliance was initiated by the United Front Work Department of the Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce. It aims to optimize and integrate resources, improve and upgrade the industrial chain, and promote the collaborative development of the food industry in the basin.

At the meeting, the Huaihe Food Industry Development Roundtable Forum was held around the theme of "The Way to Innovate the Food Industry in the Huaihe Eco-economic Belt under the Background of Dual Cycles", and the "Huaihe Eco-economic Belt Food Industry Development Report" was released.

  After the establishment of the alliance, it will take industry chain cooperation as the core and industry demand as the guide, actively build an innovative platform for upstream and downstream industry chain docking cooperation, extensively carry out visits and exchanges, industry docking, talent training, project cooperation and other activities, strengthen production factors, Technology, market, information talents and other aspects of resource sharing, mutual integration and complementarity, improve the level of collaborative development of the food industry, strive to jointly build a green food industry chain, and create a high-quality development alliance.