Anyone who can and wants to be able to work permanently on Facebook will in future be able to work mobile.

"We believe it is more important how we work and not where we work," said the Internet company on Wednesday.

Apple, on the other hand, reportedly wants to see its employees in the office more often and therefore encouraged them to work on site at least three days a week.

Apple's stance has garnered criticism and opposition from a number of workers who referred to their good work during pandemic times - outside of the closed offices.

At Facebook, on the other hand, from June 15, all employees whose work allows this and who so wish will have the opportunity to work permanently from home or another location - including abroad.

At the same time, Facebook is reopening its offices in Silicon Valley after a long corona-related break.

By the beginning of September, they should be 50 percent used again in the United States, and then to 100 percent in October.

The group justifies this with the advancing vaccination campaign in the country and the falling corona numbers.

Facebook and other digital companies in Silicon Valley switched to home office and mobile working at an early stage due to the corona pandemic. Many eyes are on these companies as they look to the future. Twitter also wants to allow its employees permanent mobile work, Google and Microsoft want to introduce mixed systems.