If the desire to escape is strong after months of sanitary restrictions, your vacation is also a godsend for burglars.

France deplored 234,300 burglaries in 2019, or one every 90 seconds.

Almost a third of these crimes occur during the summer holidays.

And the vast majority of investigations never succeed: only one in ten cases is resolved.

Investing in surveillance cameras can then be a solution.

Identify your needs

With the arrival of big digital players like Google or Xiaomi, the surveillance camera has taken the high-tech turn. Many models are flooding the market and it is more and more difficult to choose. It is therefore necessary to clearly define the future use of the camera. No need, for example, to pay dearly for a waterproof model that will end up in the living room. On the contrary, if the device is called upon to be exposed to the elements, it will be necessary to turn to solutions designed for. For this, there is in particular the Arlo HD Pack. The base investment is high - around 400 euros - and the set includes four VMS 3430 cameras. Useful when you have to monitor several waypoints. VMS 3430 are battery operated, are triggered in case of movement,sound the alert on the owner's smartphone and store the images for seven days free of charge on the


from the manufacturer. These cameras can shoot day or night. An important criterion since some inexpensive models do not have sufficient definition to be able to film in the dark.

Be careful not to give too much value to the price criterion.

It is better to invest once in good equipment adapted to your needs than to save money ... before having to change everything some time later.

On average, it will take 100 euros per camera if you want quality devices.

For small budgets, however, a solution stands out, the Xiaomi Mi Home 360 ​​at 30 euros.

The Chinese giant is coming forward with an aggressive offer presenting a good quality / price ratio.

The more you move upmarket, the more advanced the features.

The Netatmo Welcome (190 euros) is for example capable of recognizing faces and alerting in the event of an intrusion by a stranger.

To see, then, what is necessary or superfluous.

Storage and Rendering

Another important point is the quality of the image. A definition of 720p is more than sufficient for current use, the most expensive models relying on Full HD. In this area, the Logitech Circle 2 (199 euros) makes a strong impression. Wireless, this small camera is weather resistant, is Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Chromecast compatible, films in 1080p day and night, has a wide field of view (180 °) and its application is complete.

Another trap to avoid, that of storage.

Not all models have internal storage, microSD for example.

Nothing prevents a burglar from seizing the memory card of a camera.

Rather, it gave manufacturers the idea to offer, and charge for,





If all of them give free access to the images, this is most often limited in time or in quantity of data.

You will need to pay a subscription to have access to certain options.

This cost, which can represent up to 50 euros per year, must therefore be taken into account at the time of purchase.


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