China News Service, Beijing, June 4 (Liu Liang) The 2nd Peking University Guanghua Case Day Forum was held in Beijing a few days ago.

"Intelligent Manufacturing Hard Power", "Digital Connectivity", and "Technology Driving Force"...In this case day forum, the guests at the forum are looking for new business world through discussions on emerging new technologies, new formats, and new industries. Opportunities and the new momentum of China's economic development.

Intelligent Manufacturing of Hard Power: Practice and Thinking of Digital Transformation

  Wang Zheng, Vice President of Sany Group and Director of the Office of the Chairman of Sany Group, believes that smart creation of hard power, especially the digital transformation of enterprises, will give China's economy more momentum.

He emphasized that the perfect integration of digital technology and advanced industrial technology will realize revolutionary changes in production methods and production efficiency.

  In Wang Zheng's view, China's digital wave is divided into two halves. In the past decade or so, it has been the consumer Internet half that has nurtured a large number of giants, such as BAT, Didi, and Meituan.

But the second half has arrived. At present, the emergence of digital giants in automobiles, digital, home appliances, etc., and its impact will be more far-reaching.

  Professor Zhang Jianjun of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University analyzed that digitalization has become an inevitable trend, and the choice of digitalization path and plan is very important for the future development of the industry.

Digital connectivity: customer-centric industrial digital upgrade

  Starting from the changes in digital trends, Liang Fomu, general manager of Tencent Enterprise Point Products, pointed out that customer-centric, comprehensive digital connections between upstream and downstream industries have become the direction of digital future development.

  Liang Fomu emphasized that as a company, in the process of digital transformation, it should focus on customers to carry out industrial digital upgrades to create value for customers. For example, by helping companies to do digital upgrades, they can better reduce costs and increase efficiency, serve customers, and better enhance competition. force.

  Focusing on the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of digital transformation, the future development of big data and artificial intelligence, Professor Wang Chong, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, analyzed that in the current rapid development of the digital economy, many innovative models and advanced technological concepts in the digital industry The penetration of traditional industries has promoted the rapid development of industrial digitization.

Taking Tencent Enterprise Point as an example, the social platform with the blessing of smart applications provides a broad imagination for the rapid development of potential small and medium-sized enterprises.

Technology driving force: new technology reshapes the space service experience

  Hui Xinchen, vice president of Shell Finding Real Estate and general manager of Rushi Business Division, introduced the new concept of digital space proposed by Shell in the new residential era. The digital space connects real estate transactions, home improvement, and home furnishing upstream and downstream, and realizes industrial processes, The digital and intelligent reshaping of the scene will further enhance the service experience of consumers in the new residential era.

  Huixinchen digitally depicts the full amount of residential services information, and divides it into three layers: basic data, hidden data, and interactive data. The three-layer data connects developers, brand owners, home improvement, home furnishings, home furnishings and other participants in all links. The three-tier data is gradually consolidated, and the residential industry will realize the real connection of the entire industry.

  Professor Zhang Yu from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University believes that the current tens of millions of houses in big cities are highly differentiated. How to improve the quality of living in big cities and the utilization efficiency of housing construction, increase the effective housing supply in big cities, the application of new technologies is promising.