, May 28. According to the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, in order to implement the State Council's requirements for deepening the reform of "decentralization, regulation and service", to consolidate the main responsibility of securities companies' internal control and compliance, focus on the use of limited regulatory resources, and improve the effectiveness of institutional supervision To promote the high-quality development of the industry, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced the first batch of "whitelists" of securities companies.

  In recent years, the securities industry has continued to implement all-employee compliance and comprehensive risk management requirements, and the compliance and risk management system has been gradually improved.

In accordance with the idea of ​​“combination of classified supervision and decentralization”, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will implement a “white list” system for securities companies with effective corporate governance and compliance and risk control. It is necessary to keep the regulatory opinions, simplify the work process, and turn the pre-employment into strict supervision and inspection during and after the event.

  Specifically: First, if you can reduce, you can reduce.

For securities companies included in the whitelist, the regulatory opinion requirements for issuing perpetual subordinated bonds, guaranteeing commitments for issuing bonds for overseas subsidiaries, and increasing capital or financing for overseas subsidiaries will be cancelled.

The second is to be simple and simple.

Simplify the issuance process of some regulatory opinions.

For applications such as initial issuance, additional issuance, allotment, issuance of convertible bonds, short-term financing bills, financial bonds, etc., the opinions of dispatched agencies and Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges will no longer be sought according to the previous procedures, and the regulatory opinions will be issued directly after confirming that they meet the legal requirements.

Third, companies with innovative pilot businesses must be generated from the whitelist, and applications for innovative pilot businesses from companies that are not included in the whitelist will not be accepted.

In accordance with the principles of law and prudence, companies included in the whitelist continue to apply for innovative business regulatory opinions in accordance with existing rules and procedures.

Fourth, securities companies that are not included in the whitelist are not eligible for regulatory submission reduction or exemption or simplified procedures, and continue to apply for various regulatory submissions in accordance with the existing procedures.

  In accordance with the requirement of "declaration is a promise, and promise is a responsibility", securities companies in the early stage submitted applications to the regulatory authorities in accordance with the standards of the "whitelist" system, and promised the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the application materials.

After preliminary evaluation by the Securities Regulatory Bureau, review by relevant departments at the meeting, and public announcements in the industry for comments, it was finally determined that the first batch of 29 securities companies would be included in the "white list."

The supervisory department will conduct spot checks and inspections on the submitted materials. If the company is found to have misreported, under-reported, or concealed in the submitted materials, it will adhere to penetrating supervision, full-chain accountability, and strictly supervise the company and the responsible persons in accordance with the law. Measures.

  In the future, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will continue to dynamically adjust the "white list" based on the compliance and risk control of securities companies, and publish the list under the Institution Department column on the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission monthly, including eligible companies in a timely manner, and non-compliant companies in a timely manner. Out. In order to effectively increase the sense of gain of "whitelisted" companies, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will gradually incorporate more regulatory issues into the "whitelist" management based on the summary and evaluation of regulatory opinions and implement the "whitelist" management, and will use limited regulatory resources Focus on key areas, further enhance the effectiveness of supervision, and effectively promote the high-quality development of the industry.