Hotels are working with exhibition pavilions to sign agreements and offer initiatives and packages

Expo 2020 Dubai raises the demand for the hotel and air transport market

  • The presence of upcoming events such as «Expo 2020 Dubai» contributes to the continuation of the recovery.

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Officials and managers of hotel groups said that the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, next October, will greatly contribute to enhancing hotel occupancy levels over the six months that it continues, pointing out that with the exhibition approaching, and the state’s efforts to provide vaccines against the Coronavirus. », We will witness an increase in the demand for flights and hotel stays in the Emirates, and Dubai in particular, which gives hope that tourism will return to what it was previously, and thus revitalize the economic wheel.

They explained to "Emirates Today" that the exhibition will attract a large number of international travelers to the country, stressing that they are working closely with the pavilions of the international exhibition, to sign agreements with them in the framework of preparations for hosting the event, presenting marketing initiatives, as well as communicating with a number of travelers looking for Long stays in the UAE.

Management successfully

In detail, the head of commercial affairs at the "Jumeirah Group", Alexander Lee, said that the UAE has established a model for the global audience in terms of managing major events successfully and safely during the new reality, pointing out that this was clearly evident in the resumption of events such as GITEX. And the Arab Travel Market exhibition, which contributed to enhancing confidence and positive expectations for the hospitality sector, especially with the presence of upcoming events, such as Expo 2020 Dubai, which will continue to contribute to the recovery of the city, and will have positive effects on hotel occupancy levels.

Lee added, "We believe that (Expo 2020 Dubai) will allow the city to attract a new segment of non-frequent travelers, as they will be able to discover its great attraction, and they will talk about it after they return to their countries."

Regarding the preparations for the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, he told me: “We are currently discussing a number of trade agreements with different pavilions in the exhibition, and we are putting the final touches on some food projects distinctive for this event.

Positive outlook

In turn, Guy Hutchinson, President and CEO of "Rotana Hotel Management", expected that the performance of the hotel sector in the country would score positively with the country hosting the Expo 2020 Dubai at the end of this year.

He added: “As an Emirati hotel company, it manages 36 hotels in the UAE, comprising 10 thousand and 12 hotel rooms. We are committed to the directives of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, and with everything that supports the ambitions of the Dubai government regarding (Expo 2020 Dubai), and our contribution will involve Multiple levels, including accommodating the increase in the number of travelers expected to visit the UAE during the period of the World Expo.

Hutchinson pointed out that guests' demand for hotel rooms to stay will increase, and that their requirements and budgets will also differ, stressing the ability to meet various needs, thanks to the diversity in the various hotel options at Rotana.

Bouquets and Initiatives

"We have started discussions with our international partners through our global sales offices, with the aim of designing and launching attractive and tailored accommodation packages for our guests looking forward to this mega event, and we have already seen interest from all global markets," Hutchinson added.

He affirmed working closely with the Expo 2020 Dubai team on joint marketing initiatives through Rotana hotels throughout the region and its sales offices around the world, pointing out that Rotana is an authorized distributor for World Expo tickets, and Rotana hotels in Dubai will provide buses. Free to and from the Expo 2020 Dubai metro station, in cooperation with the exhibition management and the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai.

Hutchinson stressed that the company will seek, through the company's expansion plans, to meet the growing and expected demand for luxury hotel units, especially with the approaching launch date of the "Expo 2020 Dubai", pointing out that the group's hotels contribute to enhancing the total capacity of hotel units in the country, which is something that It is essential to achieve the vision of the ambitious tourist city.

Positive effect

For his part, General Manager of "Ascot" Ltd. in the Middle East, Africa and India, Vincent Mikulis, expressed his confidence that Expo 2020 Dubai will have a positive impact on the economy, with attracting foreign investment, strengthening infrastructure, and increasing construction projects in Dubai.

He added: “This event will attract a huge number of international travelers to the country, which affects directly and indirectly the rate of room occupancy in the hospitality sector in the emirate,” stressing that the company is working closely with the relevant international exhibition pavilions and various infrastructure development projects. To prepare for the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Mikulis expected a positive increase in occupancy rates, pointing to the start of communication with a number of groups of travelers looking for long stays in the UAE.

Demand promotion

In a related context, Paul Dalglish, Vice President of Revenue, Sales and Distribution at “Hayat Hotels Group”, said: “We are very much looking forward to Expo 2020 Dubai, and what it will bring to Dubai and the UAE in general.”

He continued, "The site is really wonderful, and it is amazing to witness the strong participation of the international community in presenting key topics related to sustainability, mobility, and opportunity."

He added: “In light of the easing of the current restrictions imposed by the (Covid-19) pandemic, the active national vaccination program, and the increase in air traffic, we expect that (Expo 2020 Dubai) will contribute to boosting the demand for hotels in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of the year. 2022, which will positively affect the peak that the sector is accustomed to in such periods.

Dalglish confirmed that Hayat Group relied on its global network to ensure the promotion of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Great growth

In addition, Mamoun Humaidan, the general manager of the company "Wego", which specializes in the sector of travel services and online reservations for the Middle East, North Africa and India, said that the demand for hotels is still witnessing great growth, especially in the UAE, as hotels and resorts offer the best offers and prices to visitors, While adhering to the highest safety standards and precautionary and preventive measures, to ensure an excellent stay for travelers.

He added: “With the approach of (Expo), and the state’s efforts to provide the vaccine against the Coronavirus, we will witness an increase in the demand for trips and hotel stays in the UAE and Dubai in particular, which gives hope that tourism will return to what it was previously, and thus activate the economic wheel of the state. .

Humaidan expected that Expo 2020 Dubai would attract more tourists and travelers to the country, and an improvement in business tourism in the region, with the return of events and activities, especially after it had witnessed a kind of stagnation in recent times, due to the suspension or postponement of events. Our hotel partners offer a wide network of hotel stays.

Alexander Lee:

• «(Expo 2020 Dubai) will allow the attraction of a new segment of non-frequent travelers».

Time Hotels: early reservations for the exhibition

The CEO of "Time Hotels Group", Mohamed Awadallah, said that the hotel market has started preparing early for the activities of Expo 2020 Dubai, and is looking forward during this period to record strong occupancy rates, in line with the increasing demand, pointing out that the group's hotels have started receiving Early reservations to attend the exhibition from various international markets.

Awadallah said that business tourism, in turn, will witness a revival, which will increase the tourist flow, in addition to the visit for the purpose of entertainment, indicating that the offers that will be offered by the hotel groups will contribute to providing accommodation packages and value-added benefits for Expo visitors, while providing additional facilities for visitors. The show.

Baker: Exceptional value hotel stay packages

Colin Baker, Regional Managing Director in the Middle East for the "Staywell" hospitality group, said that "Expo 2020 Dubai" will contribute significantly to enhancing hotel occupancy levels over the six months that it will continue.

He added: “This mega event is expected to attract 25 million visitors to the exhibition site, of whom 11 million are international travelers. We at the Park Regis Chris Kane Hotel are closely monitoring the conditions of visitor exporting countries that may continue to impose travel restrictions, and we remain optimistic. Lift these restrictions from the first of October ».

He stressed that the group, as part of the ongoing preparations for Expo 2020 Dubai, and the evaluation of the various markets expected to participate in this event, is in the process of creating hotel accommodation packages of exceptional value that would have great appeal among the travelers attending the event.

• The exhibition will attract a large number of international travelers to the country.

• Communication with travelers looking for long stays in the UAE.

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