To open two hotels in Oman and Saudi Arabia this year ... and enter Indonesia via Bali

Jumeirah Group: 13 hotels in the local market

  • Jumeirah: The opportunity is ripe for a stronger comeback with a revamped list of products, services and facilities.


  • Alexander Lee: “The Dubai government implemented a successful strategy during the pandemic, and the country recorded the second highest hotel occupancy rates in 2020.”


The Head of Commercial Affairs at the "Jumeirah Group", Alexander Lee, said that the group manages a world-class portfolio of more than 4,000 hotel rooms across 13 hotels across the country, affirming the continuation of the accelerated growth march in the wake of the exceptional success the group has achieved in the UAE.

He revealed to Emirates Today that the complete renovation of the Carlton Tower Jumeirah Hotel, located in the middle of Knightsbridge in the British capital, London, has been completed, pointing out that the hotel is scheduled to open again in June 2021.

He explained that the project is the largest renovation in the hotel’s history at a cost of 100 million pounds ($ 137.4 million), noting that the 17-storey hotel has undergone a comprehensive renovation process and will include 186 hotel rooms and suites, a distinguished Italian restaurant, a coffee shop in the lobby, and a health club. In addition to the largest swimming pool with natural lighting in London, a ballroom and meeting rooms.

New markets

He pointed out to me the monitoring of a number of new markets in the Middle East and Asia, to establish a new group of hotels and resorts, "Jumeirah", and this includes two new hotels to be launched this year in the region, namely, "Jumeirah Bay of Muscat" in Oman, and "Jumeirah Jabal Omar". In Saudi Arabia, the group also intends to launch the "Jumeirah Bali" hotel, scheduled to open by 2022, marking entry into the Indonesian market.

Strong comeback

In the wake of the gradual resumption of international travel, Alexander Lee added, hotel operators have had to assess all aspects of their operations to ensure that stringent health and safety precautions are in place, with the aim of restoring guest confidence and revitalizing business.

He stressed that the continuous easing of these restrictions in the region and the world contributed to enabling hospitality service providers to continue their expansion plans, as hotels were able to return to receiving guests from abroad, after their operations during the year 2020 were limited to the local market, which for many will remain a major source of the customer base on Short to medium term.

He expressed to "Emirates Today" his confidence that the opportunity is ripe to return stronger than before, and with a renewed list of products, services and facilities, as we are currently witnessing the launch of a new number of brands, hotels and resorts in the country, which contributes to enhancing its ability to attract international travelers, and provide more Of the options for visitors to the «Expo 2020 Dubai».

A successful strategy

He told me that the Dubai government implemented a successful strategy during the "Covid-19" pandemic, as it quickly imposed restrictions and measures necessary to protect residents and visitors.

As a result, the government has established international best practices in terms of continuing to receive guests safely, while protecting its citizens and residents, and Dubai was one of the first cities to re-receive visitors during July 2020, which also contributed to the recovery of the hospitality market.

He added, "The UAE recently recorded the second highest hotel occupancy rate in the world for the year 2020, paving the way for receiving 14.8 million hotel guests, with an average stay of 3.7 nights per guest."

He stressed that once the restrictions began to be lifted, the government provided great support to hotel operators through clear directives and sharing best international practices to improve safety and public health measures in hotels, and took the necessary steps to ensure the highest levels of compliance in the sector to ensure the protection of guests.

He continued: “As part of its continuous efforts to maintain and enhance confidence levels, the emirate has launched the stamp (Dubai Guarantee), which represents a visual identity to reassure guests that everyone adheres to the safety and public health measures and procedures approved by the relevant government agencies in all stages of the visitors' journey, including hotels and restaurants, in "It is a time when the large-scale implementation of the vaccination program will continue to boost confidence among local and international guests."

Resilience and the 'pandemic'

He continued: “Flexibility has played a pivotal role in the methodology applied by the emirate to confront the pandemic. Through the extensive measures implemented by Dubai to preserve the safety of guests and residents since early last year to date, we are witnessing today positive results, and the flexibility demonstrated by the city in facing the pandemic has contributed to its distinction. In contrast to other global destinations, the year 2020 witnessed the launch of many new projects, despite restrictions on movement and strict safety measures.

Another example of this is the close cooperation between the city and the relevant authorities in the sector to highlight Dubai's position as a preferred destination for families during the summer season.

Precautionary measures

The head of commercial affairs at the "Jumeirah Group", Alexander Lee, said that the group has taken the highest priority for the health and safety of its visitors, employees and partners, as it has implemented a series of strict precautionary measures in all its hotels in the context of confronting the "Covid-19" pandemic.

He added, “The group continues to adhere to all government directives issued in the markets in which it operates.

In affirmation of its commitment to operating its hotels according to the highest international standards, 12 of its hotels have recently obtained a protection and compliance guarantee label from (Peru Veritas). ”

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