A 31.3% increase in the number of visitors to the emirate during the first quarter

'Ajman Tourism': A tourism boom as Expo 2020 Dubai approaches

  • Saleh Muhammad Al-Jaziri: "The opening of representative offices in Britain, and soon in Russia and Germany, to communicate directly with travel agents."


The Director General of the Department of Tourism Development in Ajman, Saleh Muhammad Al-Jaziri, said, “The tourism sector in the UAE is on a date with recovery again, especially with the approaching date of (Expo 2020 Dubai), which will play a major role in revitalizing the tourism sector.

Al-Jaziri revealed to “Emirates Today” that “the number of hotel rooms in Ajman increased by 25.1%, while the number of visitors to the emirate increased by 31.3% during the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020, considering this as evidence of the health and wellness of the tourism sector. , Which continues to develop and prosper, despite all the difficult challenges that the world faces.

He added that "hotel establishments were able to achieve the first position at the state level in hotel occupancy, with a difference of 12% from their closest competitors, while the hotel occupancy rate reached high levels amounting to 75% of the total capacity during the first quarter of 2021."

The attractions of the emirate

Al-Jaziri explained that “these figures reflect the attractiveness of the emirate, as it is a safe and entertaining tourist destination for international tourists, including individuals and families, during the (Covid-19) period.” He expects that tourism flows will increase further during the next few months, in light of the plans of the UAE. Pre-emptive response to the pandemic, and high vaccination rates.

Al-Jaziri revealed several projects under development, with the aim of increasing the contribution of the tourism sector to the economic growth of the emirate, pointing out that “Ajman Tourism Vision 2021” constitutes a basic engine pushing towards this goal, through concerted efforts that will bring together the concerned parties in the sector under one umbrella. .

He stressed that having a clear and comprehensive tourism vision will enhance the performance of the sector, as well as support investment and development activities in the emirate, which in turn will contribute to the growth of the gross domestic product.

Development process

Al-Jaziri stated that “the emirate of Ajman seeks to provide and develop hotels, tourist destinations, parks and recreational parks, as it is the engine of growth of tourist destinations in the countries of the world, while the emirate continues to build the basic pillars of the tourism and travel sector, in addition to strengthening continuous cooperation relations with its partners, to raise the attractiveness of this sector. , To keep pace with the aspirations of visitors from different parts of the world ».

He said that “(Ajman Tourism) has been able to strengthen its position in the tourism markets in many countries, such as the British and Russian markets, European markets and the Commonwealth countries. Ajman also focuses on developing domestic and domestic tourism, as participation in the (Arab Travel Market) will contribute to enhancing its position. And promoting monuments, cultural and heritage centers, various museums, recreational and tourist facilities, and providing a new opportunity to shed light on the events and activities organized by the emirate.

Tourism industry

Al-Jaziri continued: “The emirate of Ajman has witnessed in recent years a remarkable and qualitative development in terms of the tourism industry, strengthening its position on the global tourism map, and basing itself on tourism, cultural and entertainment elements, as well as an advanced infrastructure and innovative hospitality services that make it able to continue to attract and accommodate Regional and international tourists, and to provide the best activities, events and international festivals to its guests ».

Safe tourism

Al-Jaziri affirmed that "the careful precautionary measures taken by the UAE, and the high vaccination rates, have succeeded in increasing confidence in the levels of safe tourism in the emirate, supported by the continuous demand for tourism in the country in general."

He added: “Amidst the clear influx of tourists from countries that have begun to provide facilities for travel and transportation, the UAE has become a global example in dealing with the (Covid-19) pandemic, as it was able to welcome its guests in a safe environment, and with measures that guarantee their health and safety, and what is only evidence of Its ability to convert challenges into opportunities ».

Al-Jaziri said, “The Tourism Development Department in Ajman is working closely with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, and all official bodies and partners, to deal with the pandemic and its effects, by emphasizing taking precautionary measures that will ensure the maximum possible degree of safety for society, with Continuous updating of these procedures to ensure business continuity in a safe and secure environment, and to provide continuous coordination with all partners in the tourism industry, to provide medical information, updates and legislation related to the pandemic.

He pointed out that the department is promoting the facilities and destinations in the emirate, through all the media, pointing to the opening of representative offices in Britain, and soon in Russia and Germany, for direct communication with travel agents and tourism companies.

He said, "We believe that the tourism sector in the UAE is on a date with recovery again, especially with the approaching date of (Expo 2020 Dubai), which will play a major role in revitalizing the tourism sector, especially in light of the increase in demand for tourism and hotel services."

• The number of hotel rooms in Ajman increased by 25.1% during the first quarter.

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