"Fanquan Fund-raising" Shops "Hua Lu" Program Stops "Krypton Gold" Doesn't Stop-Revealing the Mystery of Fanquan Words and Routines

  Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, May 15th, Wire Title: "Fanquan Fundraising" Shops "Hua Lu" Program Stops "Krypton Gold" Doesn't Stop-Revealing the Secret of Fanquan Words and Routines

  Xinhua News Agency "China Cyber ​​Affairs" reporters Bai Jiali and Sister Liang

  In the past, there were fans who "powered for love," and later, merchants and program groups contributed to the flames.

After the "Milk Pouring" incident on the talent show caused widespread concern in the society, "Youth with You 3" was stopped, and the "pause of recording" to "terminate recording" was stopped.

The 2021 "Clearness" series of special actions deployed by the State Cyberspace Administration of China also included the rectification of online entertainment and hotspot chaos as the focus of governance.

  In recent years, the fan circle culture has formed the "hidden rules" of the fan circle with the addition of the barbaric growth of the fan economy's "weird power".

The reporter went deep into the fan circle and found a lot of "fan circle fundraising PUA words", which can easily induce fans, especially young fans, to get involved in the "Krypton Gold" game.

Experts believe that the supervision of the gray industrial chain, such as the unreasonable consumption of the rice circle, cannot be stopped, and an "iron fist" is needed to end the chaos.

There are many tricks for "rice circle fundraising"

  I used to chase stars, buy tapes, and listen to concerts.

Chasing stars now, "spend money to create a better future for idols."

If a fan has limited power, a group of fans will jointly pave a "flower road" for the idol to "raise funds".

"Funding" has become the norm in the fan circle.

  Sun Jiashan, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Art, believes that fan culture and fan economy originated in Japan and South Korea, with "idol development" as the most prominent feature.

With the deepening of its development, fans are raising funds to buy idol albums, movie tickets, and giving gifts to idols, and other Japanese and Korean support-style star-chasing methods have gradually become popular in my country.

"The essence of my country's fan circle at present is that fans actively participate in the operation of the entertainment product, the flow star, by means of crowdfunding funds and assets." Sun Jiashan said.

  The reporter's survey found that the "fan circle fund-raising" has many tricks and a huge amount of money.

  Take this year's "Youth Have You 3" and "Creation Camp 2021" as an example. Some trainee fan clubs have begun to raise funds for subsequent investment spending before the program starts.

On March 14, shortly after the show started, a fan of the "Creation Camp 2021" trainee raised 3.68 million yuan in 6 hours.

After the "Creation Camp 2021" finals, according to incomplete statistics, the total funds raised by the four trainees exceeded 10 million yuan, and the total funds raised by the top 11 players exceeded 100 million yuan.

  According to the fan circle, the promoters of the "fan circle fund-raising" are generally based on the idol's "official support club", and the "official support club" generally accepts the supervision of the idol's native brokerage company.

At present, there are two most common fund-raising behaviors. One is that a single fan group raises funds on its own and reaches a prescribed amount, which is called "team building."

However, in order to stimulate fund-raising, fans are more inclined to another fund-raising model called "battle"-choose another fan ring with similar size and "krypton gold" ability to raise funds within a specified time. In comparison, the fund-raising process is more "top".

  “Because of the long-term gray area of ​​the supervision of fund-raising in the fan circle, many fans are accustomed to using oranges, dumplings and other code words to refer to fund-raising. Before fund-raising starts, fans will voluntarily'warm up' on social platforms such as Weibo and Douban. To promote fund-raising , It also derives "cloud sales art"-as long as you provide a specified amount of fund-raising records, you can reap benefits such as in-factory promotion, postgraduate entrance counseling, and so on." A fan said.

"PUA Talking Skill" is very "upper"

  The reporter went deep into the fan circle to track the fund-raising process and found that a large number of "PUA words" appeared in the fund-raising process to induce fans to raise funds.

  ——Small essays of abuse fans, beating money when they are "empathetic".

The reporter found small articles describing the idol’s "life" in the "super topics" of many idols' Weibo, such as "If he can't get out of the way, it won't really matter. He just smiles gently, and then disappears. Light place".

At the end of the article, there are fund-raising times and links.

"Young fans can easily make impulsive consumption under this kind of strong'empathy' words." Senior show fan Kobayashi said.

  ——"Go all out", "last time", "all in" has no end.

The reporter's investigation found that the support club often used the "all in" phraseology.

"From the second half of the show, basically every fundraising meeting will tell fans that this is the last time, and I hope everyone will do their best. But in a few days, it will be said that due to the increase in voting prices or the increase in labor fees on behalf of investment, money After spending it, continue to raise funds." A fan said frankly that everyone would feel "caught."

  ——"Scattered money is also money", and it is pervasive for fund-raising.

The reporter found that some support clubs called on fans to search QQ and Weibo wallets. To facilitate fan transfers, QQ and Weibo groups were also opened.

"You can look through your own Weibo and QQ wallets. One or two yuan is also love." "Scattered money is also money, two yuan per person, and 2000 yuan for 1,000 people."

  ——In order to raise funds, "Innovation" continues, "Gacha" and "Drawing Cards" highlight the "interestingness".

The reporter's survey found that in order to cope with the weak emotions of fans, the support club even put on a "gamification" coat for fundraising.

The "Gacha" event is very popular with fans.

The so-called "gashapon" means that a series of order numbers appear after payment on the fundraising platform. "As long as the number specified by the support club appears in the last few digits of the order number, you can exchange for postcards, key chains and other idol peripheral products. Just like buying Like lottery tickets, the higher the degree of coincidence with the prescribed numbers, the better the prizes that can be redeemed." said Liu Pan, a show fan.

The reporter saw in a contestant’s "Gacha" fundraising link that the purchase amount was nearly 70,000 yuan in just a few hours.

After the show "stopped", is the fan's "Krypton Gold" game over?

  A few days ago, the China Performance Industry Association issued an announcement stating that commercial fund-raising activities for fans initiated, organized by the performers themselves, or initiated and organized in the name of their affiliated agencies or studios, as well as acts of receiving fan-funded assets, are all Suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Self-discipline of Performers in the Performance Industry (Trial)".

  Many fans reported that, from the support club to the individual fans, they have long been aware of the risks of fundraising in the fan circle, but they will still "do it their own way" for the idol's dream.

Earlier, a certain trainee of "Youth Have You 3" did not raise the required amount of funds for fans. The support team posted on Weibo saying that fans would be "punished".

After many media outlets made their voices heard, many support clubs urgently stopped the original fund-raising plan.

But a few days later, the fans replaced the fund-raising with code words such as "self-study plan" and "poetry contest" to continue.

Some fans said frankly that "there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom", and it is difficult for fans to over-fund raising repeatedly.

  The reporter found on multiple fan fundraising apps that the fundraising link for the trainees of "Youth Have You 3" has been closed.

Although the fund-raising stopped, the "Krypton Gold" kept going.

The reporter found that the dolls created by iQiyi for the top 20 trainees of the show are still on sale.

The "Weibo Super Talk" of many contestants was full of content such as "The first business after the game, you must buy it as soon as possible", and "Able sisters make another shot".

A fan said: "Although we will not raise funds, the money that should be spent still has to be spent. The business of the fan circle will only change and will not disappear."

  Sun Jiashan believes that it is urgent to manage the chaos in the fan economy.

"A variety show will involve intensive market transactions with a scale of hundreds of millions of yuan, but most of them have not been effectively supervised by relevant departments such as industry and commerce, taxation, etc. to maintain market order. They have always been in a de facto gray area. Similarly, some cultural and entertainment brokerage companies have also It is not effectively supervised."

  “Rectifying the mentality of fans to chase stars is one aspect of controlling the chaos in the rice circle.” Sun Jiashan believes that if you want to solve these chaos at a deeper level, you should also explore and deepen the reform of the current division of industry management models in relevant departments. All links of the entire industry's interest chain involved in the chaos are to be implemented to effectively supervise and regulate the order of market operations. (Some interviewees in the text are pseudonyms)