It is the symbol of the incredible recovery of the American economy, just one year after experiencing its worst recession.

Amazon plans to hire 75,000 people in the United States to meet growing demand.

But beware of overheating. 

A company that recruits 75,000 people ... yes, it is possible.

It's happening in the United States and that company is Amazon.

Everything is huge, out of the ordinary at Amazon.

We are on a different scale compared to other large companies.

We would have to invent another word, "hyper-enterprise" perhaps.

Amazon is one of three "hyper-companies" which employ more than a million people in the world, the other two are Walmart, the American distributor, and China National Petroleum, the first Chinese oil company.

It is also one of the very few companies to achieve more than 100 billion dollars in turnover per quarter, more than Carrefour over a year.

Hence also hiring records.

Yes: 75,000 hires, therefore, in the United States alone.

The needs are such that to find so many people very quickly, Amazon is offering bonuses of 1,000 dollars to new recruits, new ones that it pays 17 dollars an hour instead of 15 so far.

Jeff Bezos' group can afford it: it has made $ 26 billion in profit since the start of the pandemic.

When we say that he is the big winner of the Covid crisis, it is not an empty word.

But what we can also read through these figures which make you dizzy is the extraordinary recovery of the American economy, which exceeds what we could anticipate.

A recovery for which Amazon is an excellent barometer because it relies a lot on consumption.

To paraphrase a former General Motors boss in the 1950s, what's good for Amazon is good for America and vice versa. 

Exactly and moreover, the economy should not be racing.

We are starting to talk about overheating in the United States: inflation reached 4.2% in April, a level not seen since 2008. It was only 2.6% in March.

But who says inflation, says wage increase: Amazon is demonstrating it.

But too much inflation wouldn't be good for Amazon or America.

This is also the fear of the moment on Wall Street: the American stock market suffered a soft spot this week because of this surge in inflation. It's fascinating: a year ago, Matthew, the US economy was in its worst recession in a century. A year later, we fear overheating. Definitely, the world is changing fast.